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Toggle this category MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

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Hotels and Destinations

Traveling for business? Find out where to stay
Tourist spots and vacation destinations for the travel bug in you

  • 213 Topics
  • 21629 Replies
Unread category

MTC Groups and Chapters [You're welcome to join]

MTC Members bound by common Activities, Hobbies or Geography. Find out where you belong and participate in the discussions.

  1. M.S.F. (Members of the Same Feather)
  2. Groups by Location
  3. Groups by Hobbies and Activities
  4. Groups by Work Industry
  5. Groups by Universities and Schools
  6. International [ManilaTonight Members Residing in Other Countries]
  • 159 Topics
  • 284914 Replies
Unread forum

Matters of the heart

The heart speaks a language that only another heart can understand.
For discussions on love, relationships, friendships
For comfort and encouragement, for affirmation and confirmation.

  • 231 Topics
  • 134319 Replies

Toggle this category LIFESTYLES

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Culture & Living

Discussions on life, living and society

  • 175 Topics
  • 73111 Replies
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- F1, karts, rally, go carts, motorcycles and other motor sports
- If it's got an engine it goes in here

  • 133 Topics
  • 47000 Replies
Unread forum


The intricacies of vanity.
Shoes. Clothes. Accessories. For the fashionista in us all.

  • 129 Topics
  • 45863 Replies
Unread forum

Health & Fitness

Workouts dos and don’ts. Eating healthy.
Because health is wealth.
Make sure to consult your physician before embarking on any workout program

  • 95 Topics
  • 25808 Replies
Unread forum


Team sports, individual sports
Olympics, World Championships
Sports personalities
MTC Basketball League

  • 159 Topics
  • 119940 Replies
Unread forum


Calling all kids at heart!!!
PC Games, arcades, consoles
Mobile games, java games, flash games, web based games, MMORPG

  • 300 Topics
  • 104148 Replies
Unread forum

Technology & Gadgets

Release your hidden geek tendencies here
cellphones, PDAs, handhelds, mp3 players, telecom networks, ISPs, etc.
Technology and gadget related discussions only

  • 211 Topics
  • 52016 Replies
Unread forum


Things you do at your leisure.
Arts and crafts, pets and collections.

  • 56 Topics
  • 25399 Replies
Unread forum


The language of our soul.
Find information on music genres, artists, album reviews and more.
MTC respects intellectual property rights of artists and supports the anti piracy campaign.

  • 101 Topics
  • 56117 Replies
Unread forum

TVs, Movies, The Stage & Showbiz

Who’s hot, who’s not.
Movie reviews. What’s showing and what’s coming.
Showbiz intrigues and more. Find them all here.

  • 224 Topics
  • 59121 Replies
Unread forum

Food & Beverages

Foodies of the world unite.
For the cravings of your lips and fingertips...
Favorite foods, secret recipes, comfort foods

  • 165 Topics
  • 71033 Replies

Toggle this category REALM OF THOUGHT

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The Supernatural And The Occult

Your Sixth Sense. Star Signs and Chinese horoscope.
Enter the realm of the unexpected.

  • 63 Topics
  • 9341 Replies
Unread forum

Religion, Philosophy & Personal Reflection

Prayer and Spirituality
The Church and other Organized Religion
Theology, ethics, philosophy and faith

  • 62 Topics
  • 46998 Replies
Unread forum

Art and Literature

Visual Arts: Painting, Sculpture, Photography
Literary Arts: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Original Works, Blogging

  • 66 Topics
  • 55848 Replies
Unread forum

Politics, Economy & Current Events

Headlines and issues - know what is happening around you
Ideology and Political Theory - understand what is happening around you

  • 57 Topics
  • 18844 Replies
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Academics and Sciences

School and school-related experiences
Scientific thought, theories, laws of nature

  • 86 Topics
  • 19348 Replies

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