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  1. We all have lifes NAKAKA MOMENTS. Your mood, emotions and whatever you are feeling says it all. NAKAKA in love , inspire, inis, bwisit, touch, praning, libog, horny, bitin, umay, iyak, tuwa, awa the list goes on. Whatever it is, theres that NAKAKA MOMENT!!! NAKAKA ENJOY magbasa ng FR sa MTC.
  2. Ever had that feeling when something does not agree with your expectation or just anything that is unpleasant and not to your liking? Therefore IT SUCKS!!! So dont SWALLOW IT, Come on SPIT IT out!! To start.... It sucks when you are so hungry and your order takes forever to arrive.
  3. We all have our own Bucket List , things we hope to achieve in our lifetime. But then we too have our own ANG SAKIIIT LIST the heartaches, sorrows and pains we have experienced during our lifetime. So instead of wallowing in our sorrows and shedding buckets of tears , why not post them to alleviate and ease the pain in our hearts. ANG SAKIIIT LIST - when I caught hubby cheating
  4. At some point in my life I have sought that elusive HAPPINESS, trying to discover what makes me happy. But as time went by, it dawned on me that happiness need not be sought and it's just around you waiting to be found. It's the small, trivial things in life and the least expected. Happiness is in me and it is just how I perceive things to be. For you, What makes you happy? HAPPINESS IS........ A train ride. Soaking in the sights and that wonderful destination.
  5. Just post any words that rhyme.... Fantasy ecstacy
  6. HI there! There are times when you find yourself grouchy, depressed, lethargic, sad, unhappy or plainly just not in the mood . But then there's something or someone who made you smile and voila your frown has just turned into a smile. Just wanna know who or what made you smile today.It can be a person anything , even trivial things ! Thanks and keep posting. This is my first topic and I don't know if I posted it in the correct Forum.
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