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  2. Haha. I heard mtc from a friend an artist. This site is my stress reliever from hectic work from home life. Hmmm i posted 1 of my photo wen we were in Sofitel. Nakatayo ako s balcony at sa mismomg grills ng nka bikini n topless facing amenity. If i am allowed to post it here but yhe top is covered a little bit its ky pleasure to share. Bka kc sbhin ngbibiro lng ako kaya i want everything to be posted, but since my life is half conservative corporate gal and half extremely sexbeast maniac liberated hahaha i dnt know wat to follow. But ofcorse i hv respect sa policy ng mtc. I guess na post k ang photo na yon sa classic mtc. Isa yan sa mga trip kong gwin everytime i spent nights at the hotel. Kya trademark k yan ngiiwan ako ng karumaldumal aparisyon sa balcony hahahaha. And yeah nagawa kna dn full baked bod sa makati naman air bnb unit 1 of the top units available in air bnb.
  3. hello miloves Arat na 24/7💋

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  6. Good morning miloves!☀️🌞

    catch me up later 12pm to 10pm seeyou around😉keepsafe.💙

    💬ข้อความ.🖇://paradiso della tv spa💙 BM


  7. personally sa Shoppee ako, me mga bagay na dun ko lng nahahanap...
  8. Sadly, genre shifts around so the popular genres back then with very good songs are full of garbage now. It is the age of another genre of music
  9. Integral Japanese food or European food?
  10. Yes at night, or before I leave the house, or sometimes while driving
  11. Losers are those who gave up before trying. Don't have money? Just be rich. Homeless? Just get a house. Can't live anymore? Just live.
  12. Thru Buwayahman's articles...he kept on mentioning Manilatonight that stirred my interest
  13. Goodmorning.

    happy sunday :)

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      Early bird! ❤️

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