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  1. http://i758.photobucket.com/albums/xx229/dcrjmed2014/4955_98029681979_98022256979_240623.jpg http://i571.photobucket.com/albums/ss160/dcrjmed2012/5186_101597726979_98022256979_24696.jpg Resorts World Manila located at Newport city, just across the NAIA Terminal 3. It's a joint project of Alliance Global Group, Star Cruises Ltd. and Genting Group of Malaysia. Hotels within the complex are the Marriott Hotel which is the first new 5-star international standard hotel to open within the past five years, Maxims Hotel is the first Deluxe Casino Hotel in the country and another hotel which is a budget hotel called the Remington. Aside from the three hotels, Resorts World will feature the Newport Mall which will have four high-end cinemas, four-levels of luxury brand stores, and will have a glass roofing similar to the MGM Hotels and Casinos. The Newport Theater, meanwhile, will offer world-class entertainment for the performing arts. http://i571.photobucket.com/albums/ss160/dcrjmed2012/5186_101598896979_98022256979_24696.jpg http://www.rwmanila.com/
  2. Here's my latest GADGET I have bought 7" Portable Widescreen DVD Player with Rotating Screen, made by an unheard company called COBY. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d89/pbbollywood/cybershot2022.jpg it costs me 12,500 pesos at Virramall Square at Greenhills, i just bought it last night I'll make a review of it after i've done testing it with assorted CDs, DVDs, DVD RW etc how about you, what's the latest gadget you have bought recently ?
  3. This thread is dedicated to the HOT BABES IN VIDEO GAMING http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/powerloint/lara.jpg Lara Croft of the TOMB RAIDER games
  4. December is fast approaching and what better place to go for a vacation? Sunny Singapore! The last time I was in Singapore was 1993. I bet things have change in Singapore. I've read that there is now a Snow city themed attraction wherein you can learn how to ski or snowboarding! To those who have traveled to Singapore please share your experiences, where's the best place to dine, where to shop at bargain prices, best attractions you've seen so far.
  5. Games installed in my Nokia 6600 cellphone 1. Mosquitos 2. Space Impact 3. Rock-O-Ban 4. Street Fighter 5. Agile Fighter 6. Pac-man 7. Reversi (quite addicting) 8. Puzzle Bubble what games have you played on your cellphone?
  6. I got an Athlon XP +2400, 256MB SDRAM, Sound Blaster Live, Altec Lansing speakers, GeForce 2 MX 400, Acer CD-RW 8X4X32 drive, Asus DVD-ROM. I am thinking of upgrading to a Pentium 4 3Ghz, Pioneer DVD RW dual layer, Radeon 9600 256mb video card. I'm just curious on what PC systems you guys are currently using. do you plan to upgrade? Please share me your infos and your current PC systems. Thanks
  7. The "Towering Inferno" 1976 movie starring Paul Newman and Steve Mcqueen has a theme song "We May Never Love like this Again" which sets the ambience of a looming disaster, that song was a big hit in the 70s and established the vibrant but short career of singer Maureen Mcgovern. Another disaster film of the 1970s "The Poseidon Adventure" has a theme song "Morning After" which inevitably sets the pitch of impending doom of the ship Poseidon. Melodic songs from the late 60s "The Graduate" (1968) such as Mrs. Robinson, Sounds of Silence echoes youthful reluctant times. The recently Oscar winner for Best Song "Into the West" by Annie Lennox from Lord of the Rings : Return of the King sets the tone of a culminating/exhausting finale that took place in Middle Earth. Come to think of it, most popular songs that you sang at home/karaoke joints were movie theme songs. So what's your favorite movie theme songs? and from what movie? I'll start (here's one of my personal favorite) "Gonna Fly Now" from the movie ROCKY 1976 :cool:
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