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if you're eating the food at the resorts in subic, you should be ashamed..



there's plenty of good restaurants in the "downtown" and even the outskirts of subic.



i remember when we went nung bata ako (early 90s) and royal subic hotel charged 100 pesos for a "room service burger" that looked suspiciously exactly like the wimpy burger we had the next morning at wimpy's for 20 pesos.

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never going back to this place, quite pricey. nung naligo ako sa beach, nagka pantal pantal ako sa dibdib (less than 5mins in the water), and with matching garbage floating around you while enjoying the not so clear waters of subic :upside:


pero cool yung isang pool attraction nila dito, slide and a large basin-like drain sa dulo ng slide..haven't tried it though. pero yung mga nakikita ko kung ano-anong pwesto yung pagbaksag nila sa water, hindi nila macontrol :upside:

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ung sa gilid nito sa may dagat may mataas na sea wall, the other side ng sea wall eh puro squatters, grabe kadiri, ung mga tao dun walang CR dun sa may tabing dagat umeebak, tabi mismo ng wall nung sa white rock, grabe kadiri, inaadod ung mga ebak sa dagat tabi lang mismo ng white rock

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