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  1. Honestly, NO. Even besties can do quickies anywer. But im not like that. 😊
  2. June practice! Pwde na ulit aftr gunban. Excited :))
  3. Males > my Ex's in real world. Wla kang itatapon they are All Young Sexbeast Macho Cuties. Crush ng bayan hehe Females > undecided. Why? Cnong ex gf ang papayag db. I can handle all of them pro isa lang ang matres ko haha😅
  4. Sa mga test na ggwin lalo sa neuro, written, interview. Kuha dn ng threat assestment b4 getting ptc.
  5. Yups gnyn nga yta ngyn. So ayun ang expirience k back 2016 sharing2 while eatim bfast sbay minitorings s work n stffs ko hehe. Anyways d mo na nid ng fa dmi no ng achievements ah hehe, sanaol, salute hehe
  6. I'll ask po. Actually we hv practice ds june aftr gun ban. If u wanna drop by pra mkita n test fire ang units u are welcome to join us. Or if really interested we can vcit hia condo to check the units. Or drop by nlng sa practice nmin in marikina or eastridge Wth my bff's boys and ladies wth my 2 cousins actually ang isa e nghahanap ng mgiging forever hubby haha. She's an independent woman and established. Mkikita cya s billboard minsan she is a model also but not a mowdel u know wat that mean. :))
  7. If dito po bnili ang unit mas smooth lng ang proseso. Actually ang gunstore na ang mglalakad ng license or registratiin ng gun. Also my gun store dn na ngooffer ng ltopf assistance but u nid to go to camp crame p dn for, medical test, neuro, written, interview etc. Lessthan 2 weeks s expirience ko ang lgopf assistance lalo kng wla hit / kapangalan sa nbi ms mdali pa. Sa ptc nmn ako lng ang kmuha sa crame. Just bring all papers from ltopf to license n photos, cash for ptc mine is 6,200 i payed s landbank crame then balik s ptc ofice, fill up ng bnigay na papers. Madugo ang ltopf kc dyan k iaassest if qualified ka to own a firearm. The rest mdyo smooth na lalo kng legal nmn ang gun mo. I hv a fren actually legend hehe na ngaassist mg ltopf also. Kkilala k sila dhil kilala dn ng mga relative shooters kom tito is into shooting back 90's pa. His daughter 8 yr old lady pistol champion. Elder csin also joins pg my worldshoot and also a top shooter in his gunclub. I just want to clear again n again lang kc mdyo may mga ngatataka why im into this sport also bkit passion ko. Sabi gnito kc ganyan kc or ano ko dw kc haha. So thats it.
  8. My mentor is selling his rifles.. Hmm ok sila. I fired them once in marikina.
  9. Pb dionisio and Jethro intl. I helped my schoolmate highway patrol 2 yrs to get his 1st ltopf for his 1st fa. 5,225 for type 1. Monw is type 3, umabot ng 12 to 13k on my 1st and reneaal. Sa iba ako ngpa assist. Kng alm k lng na ng aasist mga kkilala n bff nina relatives shooters e nkamura pa sna ako.. Mas mura s namention ko na gun store.my mother gun club and isa ong gun club years ago.
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