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Sta. Rosa Exit lang..tapos kanan..diresto lang..sa end of the road. kase end of the road taal volcano na..medyo mahaba lang yung sta. rosa. exchange highway..pag mag jeep o public commute (fx). Sakay kayo ng Bus Going to Sta. Rosa. tapos sa complex..meyroon na doon na tagaytay.

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ive tried to scoop around there last sunday! tagaytay econo-inn. tourism ave. hollywood subd.brgy san francisco. tel nos. (046)413-4283 to 84. P2000 lowest, 3,500 highest. standard check in-2pm. check out time-12noon. includes continental breakfast and free use of jacuzzi. hot and cold water, aircon, NDD fone, tv-cable daw. npasok ko ung room. mdyo maliit. pero nice. :wub: another pa---REHM residence inn. 213 francisco road. tel no:046-4234119, cel no:09203087041. mr. ramil alix ung manager. d place is kind of discreet. malaki ung room. aircon, tv. kita ko n rin ung room. dats all! try searching pa eh! suprise ko sa boyfriend ko for his birthday! ok b?

May napili ka na ba ladyvictoria? Share naman dyan kung saan baka mura yan saka ok ang place.

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I've been there several times sa "El Paso" kaso mo for me di maganda facilities nila dun ang dumi. pero maganda ang place kasi over looking din sya. but if you want try "Fortune Duck" left side sya bago dumating ng picnic grove. The rate is 500 for 4hrs tapos kung medyo kapos ng budget 400 for 4 hrs kaso mo la air-con yun.

Is the Fortune Duck place clean?

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I've been to Days Hotel in Tagaytay last May 99. Okay yung place. Good ang rooms...the rooms have a pretty view of Taal Lake (but I think Taal Vista's view is better) and there's a swimming pool (which I didn't use anyway)...The doors use an electronic key to open and the same key turns on the electricity in the room...there's also an electronic safe in the rooms where you can input your own combination...Price then is quite different from now...However, my boss was there with her family few months ago and she complained about poor service...


Anyway, I pass by Tagaytay almost every week while on assignment. I'm thinking of taking a special girl there for an overnight stay during the Holiday season. I stopped by Taal Vista and Viewpoint Inn to check it out...Here's what I've gathered


Taal Vista Hotel is open but all other amenities are still under renovation...Matatapos daw sa 2004...P4950 for standard room, P6600 for deluxe room. Only amenity open is the "Cafe on the Ridge".


I don't suggest Viewpoint Inn...unless screwing is the only reason...there are aircon (VIP) and non-aircon rooms...I stopped to check it out and the manager asked the room boy to show me the VIP room...there's a view deck but the view isn't so nice as the ones in Days or TVH. Parking is good for about 8 cars/vans. VIP room (aircon) is P2200 for 24 hours (check-in time is also check-out time...ex. check-in 7pm, check-out 7pm). Parang cheap motel with a poster size photo of a nude girl on the wall...Bathroom is small and the room is small. TV is 14". Not a place for that special girl...but if it's just a place for a screw, it's still a tad too expensive for the amenities they have...I didn't bother to check out the non-aircon rooms coz I wasn't impressed with their VIP room...what less with non-aircon rooms?


Anybody have any updates on rates and comments on rooms and amenities of Parc Royale and Tagaytay Country Hotel? Please post your update. I'll check out this thread from time to time...

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Dammit!!! Walang may FR sa mga hotels/apartelles so i decided to go and check it out myself...tutal, i have another assignment at Batangas, kaya dinaanan ko na lang...


TAAL VISTA - Hotel & Cafe-on-the-Ridge are open...all other facilities still under renovation..But hotel windows reveal a beautiful view of Taal Lake


P4950 Superior room (standard) with aircon/hot&cold bathroom/cable tv...


P6600 Deluxe room - bigger that the superior room...can fit a family of four...with aircon/hot&cold/catv


Very nice but amenities are not available yet...Next year pa daw operational ang ibang amenities....Parking is no problem...


TAGAYTAY COUNTRY HOTEL - Didn't get to see the insides but here are the rates:



Superior P2700

Deluxe P3500

Suite P4200

Studio Deluxe P4500



Economy 1 P2000 with 1 double bed (2 pax)

Economy 2 P2400 with 2 double beds (4 pax)

Economy 3 P650/pax 3 double beds (6pax)

Economy 4 P600/pax 4 double beds (8pax)

Economy 5 P500/pax 5 double beds (10pax)


All rooms have no view of Taal Lake but is in Olivarez Complex Mall (owned by the same Olivarez of Parañaque)...Parking is spacious...good for about 12 cars




Owned by the Concepcions (Concepcion-Carrier, RFM, Contel)


All rooms have view of Taal Lake...Check out www.asiatravel.com for rates...if you book thru the website, there's a big discount...Shiroi Hana Japanese Restaurant open




Confusing at first because the building in front are only restaurants...go to side entrance with your car...


Single P1800 (no catv/outside parking)

Deluxe P2050 (no catv/outside parking)

Executive P2300 (catv/garage parking)

Executive Family P2700 (catv/garage parking)


Not exactly very nice place but can use improvement




Single P1800

VIP P2500


Looks cheap, feels cheap, my opinion - skip this place





Superior P2500 - No view

Deluxe P3000 - Big room, no view

Executive P3600 - Not so big room but only few executive suites have view



Nipa Hut P3000 - Some have nice view..if you're gonna hump...maririnig sa labas coz the place creaks...


You have a far walk to do if you book nipa or exec but golf carts available 8am-5pm


MC Mountain Apartelle


Penthouse (with view) P2200 (strange...the door is glass..but has curtains)

Standard P1700

Deluxe P1900 (with kitchen)


Not bad but far from centers in Tagaytay...located actually in Alfonso Batangas, the town next to Tagaytay

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Additional info:


ESTANCIA: Rates include VAT & service charge plus free use of pool & jacuzzi...But they require you to pay either at Estancia Tagaytay before the actual date of arrival or thru a collector they will send to your house...Town & Country and Estancia are sister companies


ROYALE PARC and MC MOUNTAIN - Rates published DO NOT include 10% VAT and 10% service charge


TAGAYTAY COUNTRY HOTEL - Rates inclusive of VAT & service charge

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Hitman and co

PM if you need special rates,I am a producer for Days Hotel,Tagaytay country hotel and Barcelo Taal Vista,the concepcion who own Days,the olivares who own Tagaytay country hotel are friends as well as the regional director for sales for Barcelo,you can get 50% of published rates,in fact louie paculaba the resident manager of country hotel is cebuano from cebu city and angie briones the vice president of sales of days hotel just had coffee with me here in cebu,i cannot post on the board what code to use but pm me and you will get your 50% discount regards :D

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suggestions naman. saan pwede sa tagaytay na pag dumating ng mga 10am pwede na check in and then out by mga 11pm? at magkano ang rates? yun kasi ang time malamang na check in namin ng aking special date next week. pm naman mga pare ko

Try Viewpoint Inn...malapit na sa Alfonso Batangas pero within tagaytay...Don't expect much though...mahal at di sulit yung kwarto pero may short time ata..check the yellow pages (latest pldt edition)...they're listed...meron pa box ad

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Saw the rooms at Tagaytay Country Hotel...


Superior is good...with minibar but only 14" tv with cable...not bad at all


Deluxe is better..larger room with 21" tv with cable...good room


The suite has kitchen but the bedroom itself is the size of superior and separate bathroom, tv is 21" with cable


Overall: The place is clean and above average in terms of appearance.

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Saw the rooms at Tagaytay Country Hotel...


Superior is good...with minibar but only 14" tv with cable...not bad at all


Deluxe is better..larger room with 21" tv with cable...good room


The suite has kitchen but the bedroom itself is the size of superior and separate bathroom, tv is 21" with cable


Overall: The place is clean and above average in terms of appearance.

where is tagaytay country hotel exactly? magkano rates?

suggestions naman ng mga hotel sa tagaytay na maganda at reasonable. Days at Taal Vista masyado mahal eh. 3-4 star lang. basta malinis, may TV queen bed or double at least.


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