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Thanks for the info.  This is there current pricing for November stay:

4,500 (3 days - 2 nights, 1 room, 1 person, w/ breakfast and round trip



What do you think?






Wow... For 3 days, that's a bit stiff. I always stayed for 5 days, parang kulang pa nga, eh. So, I'm not sure if 4.5K is worth it.


I know I only paid, last time, around P 17k for 2 rooms thats 5 days 4 nights (brkfst and roundtrip transfer, plus other stuff we used such as the boat, etc. I booked my flight separately. I paid P 15K for 4 people, round trip air travel to Caticlan.


My damage, as far as I can remember (minus spending money, only for the rooms and travel) is around 32K, divide by 4 people, 8K a piece, which included air travel. So, if you can limit it below 7k including air travel, then that's not too bad.


Try to see if they would bring it down. I guess they charge by the rooms, I thought they charge by the occupants. You have other people coming with you, right? See if you can save more if you are going with other people, because they allow up to 3 people per room.

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Anyplace near station 1 and 2. Last time we went there, we stayed in a nice place in station 3, had to walk very, very far. :(


Although, because of that, I got my fill of exercise for my whole lifetime. :D


But really, as long as the place has a/c, hot/cold shower, good service and their place is spotless, go for it. The real way to enjoy Boracay is outdoors naman eh, not the hotels. :)

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Guest Dobermaxx

I'm going to be in Bora from the 25th to 28th of feb and I was wondering if anybody had any travel tips for me. I mean like cheap places to eat, places to avoid, where's the shopping good etc.....



I'd really appreciate any tips. :mtc:

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talipapa burnt down so there's no more cheap shopping to be had. d'mall is pretty pricey because it's meant for tourists talaga. don't shop na lang. there's nothing you can buy there that can be bought here naman eh. nowadays, it's even cheaper here.


cheapest and best food can be found at the ihaw-ihaw stands that pop up at around 5:00 pm, when it's not so hot. choriburgers for P40 each are the bomb! my advice is to take advantage of your free breakfast, stay away from the restos that look like the ones in manila, and don't forget jonah's shakes!!!


i liked the food in cocomanga's. not exactly cheap. but the oysters are good (and fresh!) their breakfast combos rock also. sea wind has a breakfast buffet that's super bang for the buck. couldn't get enough of their champorado and tuyo!! there's also eat all you can mongolian at summer place. and for super budget meals, you can always buy andok's (right behind pier one) and order rice na lang anywhere.


for fun, you can ride a paraw (the local sailboat) for P300 an hour FOR THE WHOLE BOAT--cheap huh? you can choose to just cruise the shore or if you want, rent it for longer and check out the east side (the fairways side) or go island hopping.


you can splurge on the flying fish.. it's about P500 per person. it's a lot of fun (expect to be thrown off into the water)--more fun definitely than the banana boat. but not worth doing a second time.


you can also try dragon boating. there's a local team i think that allows tourists to sit in (don't know for sure if it's free). when my sister and i tried it, it was. difficult but a great experience.


football games, volleyball games and ultimate frisbee games seem to pop up during the afternoon along the stretch in between sea wind and pier one. if you're into that, you can join those. it's a great way to meet people.


i didn't really dig the nightlife when i was there... to many manila people. besides, drinks are also manila priced. i suggest you buy beer na lang at a sari-sari store and drink at any spot on the beach. cheaper that way. but if you want the see and be seen scene, there's always hey jude.


have fun in bora! :)

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Try Aria! The ensalata de mare rocks!!! and the carpacio del tonno!!! Makes my mouth water just typing...and say hi to the Ginos for me! :)


Balinghai! Its on the next cove after Diniwid beach (where Nami is). Its really quiet. Perfect for "getting away from it all!"


The bat cave is the best room! Its right on the side of a cliff. What an AWESOME view!!! Even in the bathroom!!!


The food's great also!


Oh...and if you have time, check out the sunset on Mt. Luho! I don't know if its firefly season now...but its beautiful to see them fireflies against the crimson sky!


The watsu massage in Mandala is AWESOME!


Sigh...wish I could go too!



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speaking of massages, the massage manangs that hang around the cocomanga's area are the best... i tried the manangs in sea wind and they were horrible.


P250 for an hour, P150 for half. with your choice of coconut oil, baby lotion or tanning oil.


i always went for tanning oil. had one massage mid afternoon and caught a few rays before falling asleep. then had another one during dusk, this time with coconut oil.. really relaxing while you're watching the sun go down. i think, though, the best time to get a massage is during siesta time.. para sabay nap. :)

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Hey everyone!


Me and my 4 other buddies are planning a trip to Boracay to experience the place this summer. I need help from you guys on how we could possibly get a great accomodation, airfare, and food. Medyo konti lang budget namin, would range from 10k to mga 14k at most sana, cause we're just a bunch of teenage students (kasama na pocket money).


Plan namin is to stay either 3 days and 2 nights or 4 days and 3 nights, depending kung gano katagal magllast yung budget namin. Medyo alanganin nga pala kung magbboat ride kami kasi masyado matagal at hassle.


Here's some of my questions.


What's the best plane + route we could take? How much would the roundtrip usually cost?

Where's the best place (resort, villa or whatever) to stay na pasok sa budget namin? (preferrably around Station 1 or 2)

How much would it cost us para sa accomodation?

How much for pocket money should be alotted especially para sa food?

How long would you reccommend us to stay there (first timers)? 3d2n or 4d3n?


Hope you guys could hook me up with some good advices para sa rates and other things. I tried surfing around sites like Boracay.com but I prefer personal experiences/views/opinions about the place and gastos. Thanks guys! Hope to see some suggestions soon.

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14K is already enough for boracay for 4d3n! Last year, we went on a holy week(kaso pag holy week, kelangan mga december nagpa plano kana), pero superferry kami papunta and then plane pauwi. Pero all in all, package namin is 7700 per person(transpo and lodging na), we stayed at club ten resort, medyo looban siya(papasok kapa sa isang eskinita), pero between station 1 and 2 siya. Tapos alam ko may promo cebu pacific ngayon! Till march 15 na lang ata...try mo i organize yung planes and surf ka sa clickthecity.com for resorts. Enjoy!


O nga pala, I suggest you stay 4D3N, bitin yung 3D2N! especially summer!!!

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Also take a look at the rates for Superferry and Negros Navigation. Since you're students, and I guess time is not a problem this summer, you can take the boat to Panay. Based on experience, air transporation accounts for half of the budget. If you don't mind taking the boat, it saves you a lot.


For places to stay, get a room that's not beachfront. The rates are lower, plus you'll only sleep in the room anyway. All the activities are on the beach. You might also consider a fan room over an airconditioned one. That will also bring down costs. Also avoid Holy Week. The rates are double at that time.

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Yes, Boat ride is more practical, especially kung student ka. Pero yung promo ng cebu pacific is almost 50% discount! Anyways, boat ride takes about 14-16 hours, and mag da dock kayo sa caticlan (ata), then mga 2-3 hours travel by land para dun sa port papuntang boracay, and then sakay bangka about 30mins-1hr. then boracay na. Kahit wala kang package na kinuha, ok lang...say...yung pag dock ng superferry, pag baba mo pa lang...maraming mag o offer na mga van dun papunta dun sa port(gateway to bracay), then pag punta mo sa port, sakay ka lang bangka papuntang boracay. ang importante lang is yung lodging and yung confirmation ng transpo tickets niyo(ie boat or plane). Then another advise is, kung boat kayo and mga 4 kayo, just get a suite(para sa 2 tao yun), then yung other 2 just get the lowest economy class...tapos pag dating sa barko, dun na kayong 4 mag stay sa isang kwart...kasi pag lahat kayo economy, sobrang hindi convenient(mag wo worry kapa na baka nakawan ka).

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Tama si tsobaxi. mga 14 hours yung boat ride. Alis ng Manila Bay (South harbor na yata ngayon, dati north harbor) tapos mag-dock sa Dumaguit. Ito yung port sa may New Washington, malapit sa Aklan. Pagbaba, maraming van na papuntang Caticlan, hindi ko maalala yung rate, pero parang 50 to 120/person. Dalawang oras mula pier hangang Caticlan. Malapit lang yung pier sa airport, kadalasan dadaan ng airport yung van bago tumuloy sa Caticlan. Pagbaba sa Caticlan, sakay naman ng banka patawid ng Boracay. Hindi ko rin maalala kung magkano yung tawid 20 to 40/person yata.


Tips: kanya-kanyang bitbit ng bag. Huwag kumuha ng porter lalo na sa labas ng manila. Sabi ng shipping lines libre ito, pero sa labas ng maynila, hindi totoo. Maghanap na kayo ngayon ng titirahan at transpo. Maraming tao sa Boracay ng April.

Madalas kami sa Centro. Malinis, beachfront, katabi ng boat station 2, tapos around 2000/night/cottage. Baka mga 2500 to 3000 na ngayon. P2,000 yun 2 years ago. Good for 4 people ang aircon cottage, with 2 free breakfast. Alam ko marami pang mas mura dito, pero hindi beachfront.


Airplane man o boat ang plano ninyo, bumili na kayo ngayon ng ticket. Ito ang unang nauubos, at ang kadalasan nag-didictate ng schedule nyo sa Boracay.


Mayroong mas maliit na barko pero ang baba ay sa Caticlan na mismo. Yung bangka na susundo sa iyo sa barko ay deretso na sa Boracay. Hindi ko maalala yung pangalan ng kumpanya. Paki check na lang ang yellow pages as mga passenger ships. Maka Santo ang pangalan ng mga barko nila, pero hindi Sulpicio lines.

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May isa pa palang transortation na pwedeng subukan - BUS!


May project si PGMA na Nautical Highway last year. May mga bus companies na nag-o-offer ng Manila-Caticlan service. 24 hours yata ang travel time. Alis ng Cubao or Pasay papuntang Batangas Pier, sasakay yung bus ng roll-on, roll-off ferry papuntang Calapan, Mindoro, tapos pupuntang Roxas, tapos tawid na naman papuntang Caticlan sakay ng isa pang RORO.


Wala pa akong balita kung ok ito, at kung mayroon pang ganitong service.

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try nio ung culpepper lodge malapit sa station 3... medyo nasagitna un at malayo sa boracay mall, pero ayos ung facilities, libre use ng communal kitchen completo sa gamit, bbigyan lang nyo ung may ari bayad for use of lpg gas for cooking, malinis ung banyo and kasya 6 sa kwarto pag super budget kayo... may aircon and air-cool rooms... may laundry area sa taas ng compound... more or less 3K per night (pede tawa), kaya sulit...


for food try nio sa may boracay mall area.. pasukin nio ung looban, tapos pag dating sa alley na puro resto hanapin nio ung resto place sa tapat ng travel agency. last yr kumain kami duun, 50 pesos lang ung rice meal-mai ulam na kasama at rice. malaki servings pede mag share. pag lunch mai libre drinks pa. puro mga body builder kasama ko pero sulit sa kanila duun na kami ng lunch and dinner for 3 nights and 5 days.


oo nga pala, when going to boracay on a budget, a ship ride is most recommended- enjoy lalo na kung alis mo mga hapon and dating mo sa bora kinabukasan ng umaga. tsaka bakasyon naman pupuntahan mo, kaya mas maganda kung sinusulit mo ung bawat moment papunta- di naman nakakapagod.



mas maraming time magkulitan pag ship ride tsaka ung same bangka na sasakyan mo pababa ng ship un na rin ang gagamitin straight papunta sa boracay... medyo sasideline pa sa caticlan un(5-10 mins) from the ship and diretso na ng boracay un. a bangka ride costs P60 last yr.

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Guest Dobermaxx

Check out www.bluemaroon.com it's a great boracay info site and it's got a listing of all the resorts on the island and you can arrange the view by price.

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