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  1. pondering on retirement (for the meantime, not going to say forever...ahaha)
  2. Two seasons is always packed and for good reason! yung katabi nya na pwede ka kumanta (may acoustic singer) and may pa ihaw ihaw sila habang may drinks kayo!
  3. making some good gains in the gym.... from 4 body weight chin ups, can do 6.. from 6-7 chest dips, can now do 11 maximum for 1 set from 6 triceps dips, can now do 10 for 2 sets
  4. If there's Chemistry, this will be very easy to do and you will tell from the single signs she gives out.
  5. what do you mean bro? yes the slots accept cash P100, P200, P500 and P1,000 no need to ask for a ticket para ilagay sa slot machines but in terms of withdrawal, naka ticket siya and you can exchange it sa COUNTER or may mga ticket machines sila na pwede mapalit pera mo, I think the maximum is P50,000 for one withdrawal
  6. recently implemented LANDMINE RUSSIAN TWIST mas intense kaysa sa dumbell or plates (since the bar weighs 45lbs) usually I can do 12 on each side for 3 reps....plus you can do progressive overload since you can put plates on the bar..
  7. you bro are the epitome of a TRUE GENTLEMAN hahaha anticipating your next FR's bro... yung sa amin, secret na lang yun but it was the best of the best hahaha
  8. tough call to say sa Gem mo Papi haha she likes loyalty in my opinion!
  9. how to be you IDOL @Animatrix hahaha eto na lang for US!! I am sure nababasa mo ito haha
  10. Nope. Loyalty is priceless πŸ’ͺ☺️
  11. If you're playing slots here, sa ground floor kayo maglaro...usually sa SECOND FLOOR sobrang tight ng mga makina and mauubos lang pera niyo hahaha both sides are ok naman...I saw a woman win P18K on a P50/ spin bet sa ALL ABOARD slot machine
  12. 12-15% body fat pa din eh..😭 the male gaze is really different from the female gaze! 😭😭
  13. time SpenT with her 😘❀️ kaninang umaga such a sweet woman!
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