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  1. hello guys. want to buy a tablet. any suggestion on the best affordable tablet in the market. inputs would be appreciated. thanks
  2. I want to start this is topic, because i am experiencing it in this crucial stage in my life. for most of you guys, this is a no no. but what if you got interested in one and fell in love with. and also found out that the lady really love you. to yuo married guys this is not feasible, it can ruin your marriage. but to the unmarried and seperated ones. you have to weight the pros and cons for such a relationship. are you willing to accept the past of your loved one, can shoulder the financial burden that will be put upon you once she quits the job? or be willing to sacrifice relatives, friends or even lovers in order to have this relationship work out. pls. share your views with me as i discover her true feelings for me.
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