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  1. nakaka tibok ng puso ung high rise building na glass ung floor heheheh
  2. haha thats one thing na napansin ko , sobrang mahal pa tubig nila..
  3. marami na rin magaganda dito na places, lalo na pag natuloy ang airport dito .
  4. mainit na rin ang tagaytay, but he view is still spectacular, pero mas maganda na ngayon ang tanay. pati weather at views
  5. i think they have beaches on the top of the mountains but they do have resorts perhaps. in baguio you can travel in the asin road for the nature hot spring they have. but in sagada, im not familiar with it if they have available resorts. perhaps they do have now, but i think they will bring you the the natural water falls they have in sagada, ive herad that one after traveling all the fro tabuk to bontoc then going up to sagada cave and hanging coffins.
  6. tinglayan delicacies from the place of wang-od - BINONGUR (mixed bamboo shot, pilipit, native sili, some green leafy veggie, some meat (dried), optional white beans or black beans or kardis (they call it that way) or kadios.
  7. atm, mukhang hinde na ako once a month hahah
  8. inverted nipples and well polished foot nails ung tipong malinis lagi tignan
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