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Beautiful place.. not recomended though for people who are in bora to party and look for chicks :lol:


It's recomended for newly weds, old people, people who are in need of serenity...

swit lass ,why not be blunt about it :P BORING :P ,sorry forgot you used to live there :P :D seriously though it is a good 15 minute ride from anything

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Stayed a Waling Waling last year - very nice. Ask for a room on the second floor facing the water. Got to know the F&B Manager also from Bacolod, went for too many drinks.


Stayed at Pink Patio as well, nice gym and pool. A little walk from the main beach road - tough when you're drunk as a skunk but still a nice place.


Have anyone tried Willy's beach resort? Suppose to try it last month but got cancelled.

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:boo: :blush: sa boracay ba i have been to san Lorenzo resort sa

borakay dyan makanda ang service nila madaling

tumawag sa mga room boy and the food yummy talaga

wowwwwwwwwwww parang gusto kong bumalik dis summer

anybody want to join basta bring your baon chicks and

don't forget to bring one for me also see you this summer at

the beach. :mtc: :cool:


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why go to the best hotels/accommodations there when u would barely sleep in the room coz ur always out all day and most of the night. You do not go to boracay to sleep. Sunshine Place or those cheap bungalow style lodgings are already ok as long as it has a private bathroom. I'd be going there again on May. Cya!!

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im goin to bora sa 27th of this month, staying in le soleil...maganda ba dun???

maganda dre sa Le Soleil, dun din kami nag stay last week, may pool sa likod saka ang ganda ng room.


Okey din mga amenities nila na package like Jetskie, Banana boat riding at kayak.


Okey din sa Boracay Peninsula


My top 5 choices are


1. Regency Hotel

2. Le Soliel

3. Red Coconut

4. Waling Waling

5. Pink Patio

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mga pards meron ba kayo contact don,kelangan ko place to stay sa april 9-12 puno na lahat e HELP :boo: tanx B)

Dre, kontakin mo si OLIVER ng Chariots agency may kakilala sya dun na taga Boracay he can help you with a place you want whether a cheap one or a high class, gusto mo ba ng # nya, pm mo lang ako bigay ko sa yo

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Waling Waling will give you good value for your money. Their package includes breakfast and a choice of either a lunch or dinner buffet. Rooms are large and clean. Very friendly and helpful staff. If your with kids, its perfect because its in Station 1, walang masyadong tao. 29 rooms only.

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