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  1. my girlfriends and i are planning to celebrate a good friend's birthday soon. we were thinking of eating somewhere nice and then going dancing and drinking afterwards. but then it hit us, our heyday has passed... we no longer know where the hotspots are. there used to be so many choices... like orange, fat willy's, mondo, mars... (is this showing how old i really am?) was just wondering, are there still places where we can go where it's classy, safe and fun to go dancing in? APART from embassy. and within the makati area. list them below! thanks in advance!
  2. i find that i have strange shopping habits. i tend to get repelled by malls when i'm in a good mood as i don't like crowds and the search for the perfect parking space and the many, many things beckoning to be bought. and i am pretty successful on the most part in telling myself that malls are evil places. however, when i hit a low point, my first instinct is to go shopping. i don't know why. i've never really thought to look to my childhood to find some error in behavior there. but it's frustrating. because when you find yourself at the mall and you're seething in anger or drowning in despair, you tend to buy impulsively (and dare i say, stupidly). i tend to regret most of the purchases i make when am at this state. but it did recently occur to me as well that i might really have a problem. could i be a shopping addict? uhm. hahaha. let me know if you think you are as well... and what was the last thing you bought? let's try to help each other out of our addiction. let's form a shopping addicts anonymous or something. :boo:
  3. hi all... i'm always fascinated with memories. because if my own memory serves me right, who i was in college is so different from who i am now. in the first school i went to, i had a notorious rep*tation for being a bitch. i was one of those mean girls... the ones who looked people up and down just because they invaded my air space. i also never went to class... and my own teachers would pass by my tambayan on the way to their rooms and ask me themselves if i was going to class that day. hahahaha. i had issues, obviously! but time tames all. and i can't imagine being nasty for no reason anymore. what a waste of time! so who were you in college and do you think you're still the same person? or if you're in college now, what kind of student are you? and here's another thought, is what you're doing now at all connected to what you studied in college? enjoy! :flowers:
  4. hi all! was wondering if any of you who've been to europe can share their tips and tricks on how to keep spending to a minimum. it's one of the most expensive continents to visit and i've been curious about trying backpacking or at least budget traveling through there. the wheres would also be so helpful! like where to stay in which cities, where to go that's off the beaten track. it'd be great to hear from you guys! thanks in advance!
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