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  1. Mira spa commonwealth the best

  2. what happen, san kayo lipat?

  3. bakit wala thread ng Mira Com?

  4. may picture ba kayu ni ARMI or if when siya available? thanks so much for the reply

  5. monic monday gentlemen 😘  visit our thread and  feel free to ask  ok 😘 direct message  us for ur quirries😊😊😊 24/7  OL 😘😘

  6. strong line up always  ! have a good day ahead gents  😘😘😘 come and get a massage ok 😘😘

  7. give ur self a medication 😄 get a room and have a massage 😜 visit our thread and see the strongest line up as always 😘. magandang buhay 

  8. strong line up as always 😊😊😊 visit our thread and feel free to inquirre ok . Thanks  have a good day 😊

  9. strong line up for tonight ‼️‼️‼️ visit our thread and viber us for ur quirries 😅☺️

  10. strong line up tonight ‼️‼️ for quirries and reservation message the spa number #09155042664.

    Monic Monday gents ‼️‼️ kayat magsaya na 

  11. magandang buhay mga ginoo ! ngayon ay  sunday at family day . try nyo ng mag relax . for quirries contact the spa number for more details .😘😘😘😘 ninja time

  12. strong line up for today ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ 

  13. strong line up as always  ‼️‼️ visit our thread and  if u have quirries or reservation viber/telegram us ok . have a good day gents ☺️

  14. gentlemen😊mqgandang gabi sainyo !!! strong line up tayo for tonight  . visit our thread and see our beautiful ladies 😋. for more quirries DM us on viber . 

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