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  1. Request to have my account deleted. Thank you

  2. Hello Admin, i would like to ask a banned acct of a co/GM....he was not aware why he was banned.  How to contact admin, please dm me for info 

  3. Hi

    1. Sakura Chan
    2. Sakura Chan

      Sakura Chan

      Hi admin.,

      I have a concern regarding on our thread pls DM me :)



  4. hello admin I want to request for permanent deletion of my account. thankyou!

  5. vrij

    Admin. How many posts before I can start a topic at science and engineering forum?

  6. Please DM me admin, I have a concern. Thank you!

  7. hi mtc kindly delete/deactivate my account..thanks

  8. I want to request to delete my account permanently. thank you

  9. ettij

    i would like to complain to this spa who keeps spaming me despite telling her i am not interested


  10. Aaren

    ola, i want.



  11. I will not be needing this account anymore. Please delete this account.  Send confirmation through my email.

  12. Pls deactivate my account thanks


  13. gud a.m.! please delete my account @lungfung25, send a confirmation thru my email: helpdesk@yahoo.com once done, thank you!

  14. Just reporting a post by @hulkterry in the FR thread, exposing without consent screenshots of my private convo with a fellow mtc member.

    1. Gerald Bourne

      Gerald Bourne

      Please delete my account. Thank you MTC. 

  15. I just want to report this 2 accounts

    retirong manyakis

    retirong manyakis v2

    This Man is Crazy

    1. Retirong Manyakis

      Retirong Manyakis

      look at your profile pic and tell me whos crazy.. putting u on my ignored list.. 

    2. Retirong Manyakis
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