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  1. Sorry if late ako sa news, but where is artisen now? used to go to that place, where are the theras?


  2. Good morning admin! Sir just want to seek your help regarding a suspended account of a "thera" but according to her that is her own account not created by the previous spa she worked for. Sir may we ask for your help to recover the account. 

    Thank you sir!!

    1. mosy_24


      Sir PM you via FB the details of the account for recovery. Thank you sir!!

  3. Can you please unlock the Durian City thread? Thanks. 

  4. please delete my account thanks

  5. please delete my account. thank you.

  6. lokim

    hi mtc! was wondering how I can post sa "Spas discussion" thread? haha Sa other threads I can comment pero I cant sa spas discussion thread. may special permission ba yun? :)

  7. How to put up a new thread at the spa section? Thanks

  8. Hi Admin,

    Please delete my account. 

    Thank you!



  9. Hi MTC admin,


    Please delete my account.


    Thank you!



  10. Pls delete my account

  11. MTC

    Playstation 5

    What games are you playing on your PS5?
  12. Hi MTC, im requesting to have my account deleted. thank you

  13. Hi mtc kindly delete this account. ty

  14. Hi Tsinito. This is me 🙂

  15. Hi MTC Admin, kindly delete my account, thank you.

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