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  1. MTC

    Playstation 5

    What games are you playing on your PS5?
  2. Hi Tsinito. This is me πŸ™‚

  3. Do you love cellphones? Post your collection here πŸ’™
  4. EASY WAY TO GET STARTED WITH BITCOIN --> Click "Go to this post" Where to buy Bitcoin? BINANCE - Just click this link to get an account What is Binance? Binance is the #1 crypto trading platform trusted by everyone. Install the app on your smartphone
  5. Nasa trip lang yan mga kaibigan. Kung gusto talaga bumili ng hardware dahil sa nakakabuhay ng dugo ang amoy ng mainit na hangin mula sa CPU, yun talaga ang gagawin ng mga kaibigan ko na PC builders. Saksak mo lang yan sa pader kikita ka na ng pera. πŸ™‚ Sa halagang 300K? Ang iba ay bibili ng coins at mag buy and sell. Sa loob ng 1 month yung 300K kaya nila gawing 400K. Where to buy Bitcoin? BINANCE - Just click this link to get an account What is Binance? Binance is the #1 crypto trading platform trusted by everyone. Install the app on your smartphone
  6. Nag Lazada na kayo today?Β πŸ˜€

  7. Here's the Bitcoin value 24 hours after my initial post Here's the bigger picture Just click here to get the Binance app
  8. If you have questions regarding crypto just ask in this thread. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions. Q- Will I get rich quick? A- YES, if you know what you're doing. Q- Will I lose money? A- YES, if you are careless. Q- May yumaman naba sa crypto trading? A- Madami na din sila. Q- Is this like gambling? A- YES, but you will increase your chances of making money if using common sense. You can click here to download the Binance app
  9. If you're waiting for the time to enter the crypto market, now is a good time to buy Bitcoin. Currently, bitcoin is at a low price of 55,000. Wait for a few days and it will bounce back to 65,000. It's a 16% increase in just a few days. Compare that to a banks interest rate of less than 2% for a year. (bank interest rates are estimates only) To demonstrate: if you buy P1,000 of worth Bitcoin, will become P1,160 (profit P160) * if you buy P10,000 worth of Bitcoin, it will become P11,600 (profit P1,600) * How to buy Bitcoin? GCash Credit Card Where to buy Bitcoin? BINANCE - Just click this link to get an account What is Binance? Binance is the #1 crypto trading platform trusted by everyone. Install the app on your smartphone * profit depends on the current bitcoin market price, 65K in the next few days is only a mathematical prediction
  10. Dear Bong, Hindi talaga papayag ang yellows. In case you win, they will probably say you cheated. And, they will probably stage another EDSA.
  11. Dear Bong, The other week I was discussing your marketing position with my wife, and I agree with her. You just might win next year. But in order for you to win, the other side must accept defeat. There might be another EDSA next year when the yellows do not get what they want. Since you are now aligned with the incumbent, it will be convenient for the opposition to cry "cheating". When that time comes, will you give way?
  12. Dear Sara, I am willing to sit as consultant in any part of your government that has something to do with science ang engineering, or the misrepresented Night Entertainment sector. Here are my features: I will work for free I speak your dialect I'm experienced in dealing with all sorts of problem (technical and social) Best of luck in the coming elections.
  13. Your company pays for the softdrink, and the one who decided on this is getting something πŸ™‚
  14. @csb_miley Are you volunteering? I want to go but I don't think I qualify. I'm too old πŸ™‚
  15. Nag Lazada na ba kayo? Click naΒ πŸ’™

    1. lone23


      oo naman.Β  Matik na yan

  16. Dear Harding, Thank you for the message. Herbal and alternative cures are welcome in this thread. In fact, a very good friend of mine runs another forum CUREMANUAL.COM - it's a website that teaches people how to cure themselves for free! It hasn't been updated simply because my friend has been cured. And his friends including me has been cured and remains healthy. The website is there for reference only, now. Pag nagkaskit ulit ako all I have to do is read the manual again to cure myself.
  17. Dear Harding, Google gets its answers from websites like MTC. If our doctor friends here do not post replies, and all the doctors in the world do not reply to forums like MTC, Google will not be able to give you search results. MTC is a community that enables members to ask for answers from fellow members, in a casual setting. This thread is about "Free Medical Advice", and thrives on people sharing first hand info and if we are lucky we get real doctors giving free consults. Mabuti naman at natuwa ka. Laughter is the best medicine after all πŸ™‚ Malaki ang utang na loob ko sa mgs doctor members natin. Dahil sa kanila madami ako natutunan first hand. SALAMAT DOC!
  18. Message me on (FB messenger) if you want your old account recovered. Welcome back to MTC πŸ™‚


  19. macOS Monterey is now available!

    1. kano_d_great


      Just downloaded last Tuesday 😁

  20. Dear Leni, Did you know you can buy these diplomas online? Google is your friend. Try Googling "Online Diploma USA"... all you have to do is pay a certain amount and wait for 6 months... abra cadabra! DIPLOMA! Complete with graduation ceremonies pa yan πŸ˜‚ Karamihan naman sa mga politicians (at anak ng artista) ganyan style.
  21. Dear Leni, Don't worry about the renewable energy pogi points that BBM is enjoying. I'm a science connoisseur, and I'm telling you now that these windmills are only good in specific regions of the earth. There is such a thing as a wind map. Yes there is. There's even an app called Windy. My point is, windmills can't be placed anywhere where congress approves budget for it. Voting for BBM because he will place windmills all over the PH is like creating hydro electric plants in the middle of Makati.
  22. Dear Leni, I hope that you will do what you are saying during this election season. Please don't call your supporters stupid for believing in impossible things that you say... like riding a jet ski while holding the flag. I know you didn't say this, just so you'll know that the people are wiser now. I hope.
  23. Careless Whisper 🎡

  24. QUESTION: What Movie (or series) do you NOT want to be rebooted? I just forced myself to watch Lord of the Rings many years ago. A reboot of Lord of the Rings?! No way! I'm not wasting another 3 hours of my free time on that franchise. And don't get me started on Pirates... pinilit ko lang din panoorin yun. Who want's to watch a drunk captain? Seriously Disney? You want to reboot that?
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