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  1. I cure allegedly incurable diseases. Have been curing people for free for YEARS. I know, I can see, like NEO sees the Matrix... of LIES. Wouldn't you like to see through my eyes?
  2. It does not end with 2 shots. How many more booster shots every 6 months you willing to accept? So much illness, death, and human tracking (chipped 666) coming in 5 years. The beast system is here. Good luck to all.
  3. Visiting her house now, took the 3 big kids here, will stay over a few days.
  4. Real education helped me move on and progress FORWARD This channel really helped me https://www.youtube.com/user/The33Secrets
  5. My main chick is 23 years younger. Previous chick 20 years younger. Maybe next time 30 years younger. And next time 40 years younger. 50, 60...
  6. First wife... yeah we got 3 teens with each other. But life moves on forward. Looking forward to sharing grand children in the near future.
  7. If I like the girl I'll kiss her on the first date.
  8. Zero sex for 10+ years. Looking back, that was just so unacceptable. Must make sure my children do not suffer the same fate.
  9. Lets discuss the POSITIVE angles of why sex work, sex industry, sex workers are integral to society. I will begin this thread with this video. Just maximize the volume on your player. Listen... matters of the heart... this is on topic. Feel free to submit your hypothesis and positive experiences.
  10. Where do you find the BEST MEN? You know, those Christian Grey types? Handsome, Providers, READY to get married and have children. I have daughters who are coming of age... and of course I want them to find / marry the BEST MEN. Ideas and experiences please.
  11. I'd like to give something back to the community here at manilatonight.com I'm the family healer and I have my altruistic website at http://www.curemanual.com I believe that all so called "medically incurable diseases" are in fact curable and have cured them for myself and other people. The answers I give are NOT medical and IN FACT usually I am at odds with MEDICAL which I believe does not deserve any respect when it comes to diseases. Their official medical education is upside down. Western medical is good at emergency trauma and last resort surgery. So ask away regarding your incurable cases: cancer diabetes psoriasis kidney liver colon psycho diseases aids etc.
  12. Eczema Cured by addressing Toxemia -------------- A 36 year old man was healed of his eczema on his face, ears, arms and his ravaged lower right leg. His healing began when a doctor correctly diagnosed his condition as Toxemia or Blood poisoning. Kidney cleansing brought rapid relief and monthly gallbladder-liver flushes removed more than 200 green stones which impaired his liver's blood cleansing function. His ordeal is documented and photographed at www.eczemacure.info http://www.eczemacure.info/images/fullsized/eczema_before_after.jpg www.eczemacure.info Dedicated to all eczema sufferers.
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