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  1. Panglao is quite an expensive place to go but less crowded compared to boracay. If on a budget and your accomodation doesnt allow you to cook, eating at fastfoods would be your cheapest option. Hahaha
  2. Kinda overrated, lot of places barely has cellular signal so data is almost out of the question. There are places to go to like the mangove park, kota beach, and even the ogtong cave. But considering the travel just to get to Bantayan, better extend your stay, the usual 3day, 2 nights might not be worth the hassle
  3. Larsian is closed for the time being, the stalls are situated currently inside Fuente osmeƱa circle. They say the place is due for renovation, so I'm not sure if the circle setup is just for the holidays or until Larsian is renovated
  4. You need to get out of the city since it is indeed pretty dull. But the adult entertainment scene is still somewhat active. Meron pa rin ako nakikitang tambay sa royale during my last 3-day visit last november. But the best bet pa rin is asking kuya trike driver, just tell them your pref, they can hook you up. Dont know if its the norm pero 2 of 2 ako, both students looking to complete their tuituon fees (please dont ask me for their contacts, i never asked them)
  5. City ba? My go to place is yung sutukil near SM City (not seaside). For lechon, its CNT (also near SM) Ayers (they have multiple branches) or House of Lechon near Ayala Mall. You can also try Casa Verde near fuente osmena, but their most famous ribs is kinda so-so lately. For ribs, I'd rather go for Byrons in Robinsons Cybergate Cebu although this originated from Bacolod (2 robinsons sa fuente osmena, make sure to go to correct one). Pero if youre going south, best lechon pa rin yung sa Carcar mismo. Hope this helps
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