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How Did You Discover MTC?

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Pano nyo nahanap ang MTC? May nag-refer ba, or nahanap nyo lang sa search engine?


Paki-post naman kung sino or kung ano ang ginawa nyo para mahanap ang site na to. I'm sure maraming interested sa topic na to. :wink:

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Heard about this website thru a yahoogroup list. It's one hell of a website, one I've always wanted to find and visit but haven't been able to do so until now.


Just great site for info on how to get pus_y in this country of ours wherein a vast majority of the population tends to be quite conservative when it comes to sex. Already, I've gotten valuable information on some areas which I intend to visit hopefully sometime soon, he-he-he.


Congratulations to the founders and those who are maintaining this site, I hope it continues to be the big success that it is.

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My gf was a victim of a practical joke, source daw MTC, so I checked it out, ok naman.


question lang, sino ultimate master ng MTC? who created this? ;)


Ano ba name ng GF mo? Si Bizman ang master! :$

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AgentOrange mentioned MTC on WSGforum under Queson City - and I am glad I followed the link and found this amazing site. Visiting RP at least twice a year on business, I try to prepare myself for some fun after office hours. Up to now the WSGforum has been helpfull but I expect to learn even more from MTC. I will contribute when having something to tell. Up to this day I have contributed at the WSGforum.

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