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  • 3 weeks later...

End of Runway EB V2.0 aka The Great Shangri-la EB


Well there I was, stuck in traffic in my fan-only cooled volkswagen. On my way to the End Of Runway EB. My left calf was aching already from the stop and go traffic when I get a call from Cebucitylocal. There has been a slight change of plans. I was to proceed to Shangri-la Mactan Island Resort. The EB will be held there! WOW!!!


Another of CCl's surprise I suppose. :D Anyway, I Left pretty early knowing that the traffic will be bad. I got to the lobby around 7pm. Called up CCL in his room and waited in lobby. Idly looking at all those foreign women wearing those... Ahhh my mind wandered for a bit there. Haaayyy....


Anyway... CCL met me in the lobby after 5 minutes. He was trying to contact DarkAngel and Loving Soul. The two went snorkeling in Shangrila's manicured white sand beach. :D So when I met them, there will still kinda wet. :lol: I was introduced to them and to two other women (non mtc members. so don't ask.). :D DA and LS went up to their rooms to change. I was texting Pardonme to attend the EB. As usual, he was still at work. Making reports, he said. :D :lol: But he said that he will be joining us later.


After twenty minutes, DA and LS finally came down to meet us. We proceeded to Paparazzi, one of Shangrila's restaurant. :D WOW!!!! FOOD!!! As we were pretty hungry by that time, we attacked the buffet table. :D I started from the left side of the room, working my way the the right. :D The food selection was GOOD!!!!!


Dark Sister arrived around 930pm. DA picked them up from the lobby. Then they joined us for dinner. DS was with another girl. DA called up a local friend in Cebu. Which turns out to be Kit the Motormouth friend of mine! :lol: Small world. The started on the buffet table. Few minutes after 10PM, Pardonme arrived.


Around 11pm, we adjourned from Paparazzi and decided to go to the End of Runway for drinks. But I still had to bring DS and friend to another hotel. CCL went with me, LS and Pardonme in his car. (Which, btw got banged up pretty much last week. :( ). DA and Kit in his jeep. Then we were off!!


When we dropped off DS and her friend in the other hotel, they gave CCL a bottle of wine. We passed by a Shell Select station to get some supplies. Then proceeded to the End of Runway. CCL decided to drink the wine with BBQ and "puso". But there was no corkscrew to open the bottle. So I drove CCL and Kit to Anton's near the Yacht Club to have it opened up. When we got there, we were invited by the manager to drink in their newly renovated restaurant. Me and Kit went back to get the others.


We drank the wine. CCL was low batt already so Pardonme took him back to Shangrila. DA and Kit went to look at his yacht. So it was just me and LS talking for about twenty minutes. By that time I have finished most of the wine. Pardonme returned. Kit and DA returned. And we called it a day. :D End of EB 1:30AM, there abouts. :D


p.s. Anton's is having a promo starting 25th-30th of September. All their beer for P1. That's right one peso beer. One peso ice tea. If you can drink it, it's one peso.

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Bakit di kayo nag live oath? hehehe


Assignment to hsmeilop:


1. A Cebuano Version of the PP oath...


2. Kit should be made a member ehehehe...


3. Live oath in Cebuano should be done soon!


Peace Bro.. :)

PM me the PP oath. I'll try translating it. :D


Ask DA to convince Kit to join MTC and PP. :D But that guy either is working or out in his yacht fishing. :D and if you could get him to shut up for a minute! :lol:



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Sorry I only got the chance to go online now. I got sick after coming home from Cebu. Call it a "withdrawal syndrome." I fell in love with the place and I miss it to pieces.


Yung mga pictures po i-a-upload ko tomorrow at the latest. Meron kasing isa diyan gustong ipa-blur ang BUONG KATAWAN. Parang madaling gawin ano? :lol: Upload ko siya after I edit the pics.


I'll also make a brief travel note on Cebu. Baka dun sa Travelogue thread ko ilalagay kung papayag na si Chito.



hsmeilop - it was such an honor and pleasure to have finally met the man behind the handle. Thank you very much for being so accommodating, so fun, so friendly, so supportive. Thank you for not running out of the hotel when you saw me in a bathing suit. Di ba ako mukhang dugong na naka-balot sa blue na tela? :lol: Thank you for bringing Dark Sister and her friend to the Days Hotel. It's such a small world no? Barkada mo pala yung kumpareng Kit ko. Kit's the ninong of my youngest son.


pardonme - It's really great that I've finally met you. Hataw din ang humor mo! Kahit late ka, ok lang yun... sayang nga lang hindi mo naabutan yung buffet... inubos na ni hsmeilop eh :P peace, hs!


LovingSouL - mare, kakaloka ang Cebu stay natin. Hindi ko alam kung saan ilulugar katawan ko. There was simply just too many things we wanted to do, and too little time. Patingin ng pics mo ha!


and of course, to


cebucitylocal - who made it all happen. Thank you for showing me around Cebu and guiding me. Thank you for my welcome food (lechon & puso). You are right. Cebu is just simply beautiful. I miss the sights and sounds of Cebu. I miss the peace and simplicity. I also miss Anton's grilled white marlin :lol:



Sali ako sa PANGETZZZ AMAZING RACE: CEBU EDITION ha! Maski i-challenge ninyo akong patahimikin si Kit payag ako! :boo:

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Guest LovingSouL

natawa ako all along sa mga sinabi mo mare!



hmmm..mahirap i blur yung buong katawan ng isang ursula? bwahahahaha! naku, artistahin siguro yung nag pa pablur na yun :rolleyes:



kung patatahimikin is Kit ang challenge.... naku! walang mananalo :D :lol:


miss you na mare.....kulang...bitin! di nakapag shopping ng husto..pero salamat sa tip..... tback na mura! bwahahaha!

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Guest ONEknightSTAND
PM me the PP oath. I'll try translating it. :D


Ask DA to convince Kit to join MTC and PP. :D But that guy either is working or out in his yacht fishing. :D and if you could get him to shut up for a minute! :lol:



Brother hsmeilop...


You took the oath...


You should know the oath...




So kit talks a lot huh? hehehe


If he can translate that into posting...


He will enjoy MTC :)

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Good evening PP's :)


Just something in defense of us MTC people.....


I find it funny that some "holier than thou" individuals find the temerity to speak ill of the character of us MTC people, making sweeping generalizations of the way we are supposed to be all after just one thing - women (for the men.)


It's funnier that these individuals are actually registered in MTC!


Hold on, it just keeps getting funnier.....


And why, for chrissakes, why are they here in MTC? Uh-huh, that's right.... the women! They are also after the women! They want MTC women to think ill of all MTC men so that they could have them for themselves. That's hypocrisy for you, non-MTC style.


To the pretenders out there, you all can shove your hypocrisy up your a$$es. You are not fooling any of us.


Tsk, tsk, tsk..... the temerity.....

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Wala pa ba yung pictures? Ang tagal naman! :(



My deepest apologies to hsmeilop, ccl, pardonme, lovingsoul and everyone who have been waiting for the PP Cebu EB pics.


Maraming nangyari sa akin these past few days but I will not dwell on it because they would merely serve as excuses.


Anyway, ito na po yung dalawang pics taken on 24 September.


As per request, LovingSouL does not appear in any of the pics (mare, tignan mo kung pano kita nitanggal :lol:)


And cebucitylocal does not appear in the pics as well.




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