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  1. hi. san to located?

  2. @BizMan FF said: dapat meron din tayong thread for balance. Marcos & The Martial Law : The Facts You Know But Choose To Ignore !😁 parang ok din po eto sir biz.
  3. Pls pm location, line up and rates:)

    1. Springbank


      Outcall lang po? If so. what recommended hotels in Ortigas? Thank you,

  4. Pls pm location, line up and rates:)

  5. Pm promos pls. Ty

  6. Hi Yumi! Musta? May I have the rates and details of Lai and Hijas? Pwede ba sila sa Casa K? Salamat.

  7. how to reserve


  8. Ingat po tayo sa "CLICKBAIT"😂 hindi po ako related sa ibang spa; freedom lang po ako. Ingat po maging mapanuri mapagmatyag, matanglawin😂😛😉

    1. yowaiomae


      Hala. >< 

  9. Hi we have page for surfing po and mobile gaming po kindly check nalang po this is for mountain climbing/ hiking po😉
  10. Meet Bugoy na koykoy & Labruha, my addorable and affectionate frenchies♥️
  11. pm details please..

  12. ❤️ Yumi 🥰

  13. ❤️ Yumi 🥰

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