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Masteral - Any Plans?

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some of my profs in grad school taught subjects where they had no expertise. for example, if i remember correctly, an accountant taught org development.


worst for me though is the subject which is my field of expertise. my prof was from a different field and it was obvious he didn't know much. he had confidence, though, but little else.


that's one reason i declined when i was asked to teach. though my main reasons then were i was too busy with work, and i'd be younger than my students.


still, if your undergrad is not a business course, it's still best to take up mba. just don't believe everything your teachers say. :)

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there are lot of issues of being an MBA Grad.

1996 - when i did my practicum in one of the prestigious banks in our province, some officers wanted to officially hire me to their team, i said --i want to puruse in MBA kaya they didnt mind forcing me anymore. (but the reason why ive wanted to take MBA kasi bf ko took LLB) so i can have my reason sa parents ko na i would be more busy enough studying rather taking care of our business.


2000 - after pledging my MBA, my classmates asked me to join their group for newly opened College Institute as a part-time profesor, that time i have no experience on teaching basta me MBA pasok ka na...yun ang requirement sa DECS and besides... the school is paying good 1500 per 3 units per class... that time maximum for part-time professors 18 units so para naman ako nakasahod in a regular basis. daig ko pa ang sahod ng bank teller...walang biro.


so since i have MBA, i tried to apply in banks...but failed kasi over qualified ako sa position. so i went back to our province to do business...3 years and then failed...then i came here abroad dala dala ko credentials as MBA...but it is equivalent to secretarial posts. MBA in philippines is highly different in other country... dapat intensive pa rin ang trainings and experiences.


so that's MBA ...

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I'm taking my first semester here in Orange COunty, LA sa MBA course ko. Actually sa wednesday na ang first day ko.

Kinakabahan ako, of course kasi madaming reasons: nasa foreign country ako, hindi english ang first language ko, at culture shock pa. kalaban din ang homesick. sana matapos ko course ko para makakita ako ng work na worth ang pay. hehe!



hey pink...i'm thinking of taking Masters din e...well, kasi i saw my boss' resume and he's got a MBA at Pepperdine e...and he's the CIO..

so i think i need to take my Masters degree too para maging CIO din me...can't be forever the IT support guy right? hahahaha! :D


Anyways, noticed that you're at OC...well, i work at Anaheim (live at LA County though) and i was wondering where you'll be getting your MBA...good luck...and like every Pinoy here in the States, we have to adjust to the culture and language (and everything in between)...but I'm sure you'll be fine cz Pinoys are known for their street smarts and diskarte... :D

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hopefully by 2010, i'll have time to finish my masteral of science in mathematics (i started taking this course in 1995 nung nagturo ako sa uplb) or take-up distance education studies in up open university or take-up law studies. sayang nga lang at kailangan ko na maghanap ng work na mas malaki sa sweldo ng teaching associate. pressured kasi ako nun dahil una required ka na magtake-up ng masteral to be an assistant professor before the end of five years at ikalawa dahil may anak na ko during that time kaya kailangan ko ng mas malaking kita.

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i started my MBA last term and i'm on my 2nd one at UNCC. i just had a difficult time on my first term since im not a business, but a communications grad-- meaning, i have to take prep courses. it's beneficial even if i've been managing radio stations and hotels. it adds worth to your resume, and it wont hurt to learn new things. everyone needs continuing education one way or another :)

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It seems like Ateneo Graduate School of Business is top dog this year. According to some people, Ateneo emphasizes decision making skills more than DLSU, which emphasizes number crunching more. How true? Any MBA graduates from both Ateneo GSB and DLSU GSB here who would care to elaborate?

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hi guys, im planning to take a Msteral Degree.. pero i'm quite confused kung ano pipiliin ko..

I'm a BS MATH major in ACTUARIAL SCIENCE degree holder and I can't choose between these 3 degrees..



MAster's in computational finance (DLSU)

Master's in Information echnology (ADMU,DLSU)


can somebody help me pls? what's the best among the 3? career wise...

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Here is a case in point on the relevance of MBAs today...........from the blog of Jo Owens, a management consultant...


As the financial crisis finger-pointing continues, eyes are turning to the business schools. What part did they play in the meltdown? And is now the time to re-think their own assumptions? As Simon Caulkin observes, it’s not just the economics-dominated MBA that’s now seen as unsustainable.


Business schools have become sausage machines — they all preach the same orthodoxies. Years later, greed and groupthink has come back to haunt us.


This is the first global crisis to have been created at leading business schools. Several of the meltdown’s major players, from Merrill Lynch’s Stan O’Neill to Hank Paulson to Andy Hornby of HBOS, are Harvard graduates. Dick Fuld, who ran Lehman Brothers, went to Columbia Business School (perhaps that’s why his bank wasn’t bailed out).


The bankers were advised by the brightest brains at McKinsey and other consulting companies, which are more or less outplacement firms for newly minted MBAs. The brilliant insight of these great brains led all the banks to the same failed strategies which is costing the world a few trillion dollars.


Contrast this with some of the richest entrepreneurs in the world — Mittal, Branson, Abramovich, Gates and Buffet are all MBA-free.


If you’re aiming to be an entrepreneur, an MBA cannot teach you any of the important lessons of success: leadership, the art of the hustle, personal bravery, resilience and risk taking. They cannot teach creativity, daring, inspiration and real insight. They can teach none of the things that matter to a successful entrepreneur.


Doubtless business schools are now writing case studies about the crisis in order to show how regulation failed, individual banks made poor choices and how economic conditions failed everyone. They’d do better to write a case study on how to avoid creating a generation of corporate clones who are imprisoned by greed and orthodox thinking.

Amen to this!

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I'm now head of 3 Marketing Divisions. With 600 people under my helm.


Is there anything new I can learn if I enroll in MBA classes here in the Phils.?


If not, wag na lang.


I'm now retried and and entrepreneur. I was Head of Marketing, handled 12 Marketing Division that had annual sales responsibility of P12Billion way back 2000. Number of people: field personnel about 1,200 & staff and office another 100.


I had tunnel field, my focus was P&L management generated by this huge marketing engine. The MBA taught me to step back and see the larger picture, the whole enterprise vehicle - marketing, finance, production, human resources. As such, you leverage yourself into the upper echelons of business. I was seconded as Director to our ASEAN Regional Office abroad.


My two cents. Have a nice day.

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It seems like Ateneo Graduate School of Business is top dog this year. According to some people, Ateneo emphasizes decision making skills more than DLSU, which emphasizes number crunching more. How true? Any MBA graduates from both Ateneo GSB and DLSU GSB here who would care to elaborate?


This is apparently true. I finished my MBA in Ateneo, ahead of my sister who was studying hers in DLSU. I would get to see the curriculum and syllabi they used. This way back in the late 80's and the DLSU MBA curriculum was real heavy on the quantitative, which to me, then it looked like more of a masteral program for engineering management than business management.


I wouldn't know if the same can be said today.

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