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  1. If you lose your job or any income source, can you survive on 50k for three months or more? Do you have a monthly budget? Study the different investment instruments before you dip your fingers in them. Losses are bigger if you engage in the stock market or cryptocurrency market if you don't understand how they work. Don't plunk your money in them just because your friend earned a lot. What he or she may not have told you is the amount of paper losses he/she acquired due to bad decisions when investing or trading. Determine your financial situation first. If you have debts, you need to pay them. Then determine your financial goals. The timeline will tell you what investment best fits your goal. Don't. Just don't put your money in an investment just because somebody said he earned a lot. What is good for Juan may not be good for Pedro.
  2. If the 100K is strictly your emergency funds, compute for three months' worth first. The remaining amount, you can place in a high yield savings account or time deposit. It should be liquid at all times. Rework your budget so that you can allot a specific amount for investing. Never make your emergency funds as your investment seed money. Start off with looking at your financial status. Then, list down your financial goals, and based on your current income, calculate your retirement fund. Then you can adjust your budget to accommodate your savings stash and investment allotment. Match the investment instrument with the financial goal you listed. These instruments should be able to meet your short, medium, and long-term goals.
  3. Nice one! Halos wala na kayong utang Bukod sa added income, other investments din ang tinitingnan ko. Nagbukas na ako ng etoro account, budgeting at investment strategy na lang ang inaaral ko. Plano kong subukan ang ETFs kasi medyo bobo pa ako sa foreign markets. May crowdfunding investments na rin ako. So far so good. Tuwa ko pag 5 digits na nalalaro ko sa kanila. Yung coop na lang ang di ko pa naasikaso. Income pa po, universe!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. my friend is begging me to study cryptocurrency investing/trading. Any suggestion for clueless folks like me to use as a jumpstart reviewer? I'm inclined to use PDAX and etoro. Thanks in advance.
  5. Finally. I managed to make my own personal statement of assets and liabilities. I'm 95% complete. I have yet to figure out how to compute the growth and decline of all my investments, as well as create a graph showing a 10 year projection starting from 2020. I'm ready to show my thick excel file to the registered financial planners I will get in touch with. That and the questions I have in my head. Thanks to the pandemic, I am finally solidifying setting aside and investing the money I allocate for buying my own house. The room I live in is beginning to give me cabin fever. I need some breathing room. Most importantly, I realized how hard it is to live away from my sister and her kids. So far, I am in the positive. Adding up all the values of my portfolios against my payables and card debts, I remain a millionaire. On paper. If everything goes right with my cash flow, I will be a cold cash millionaire in 2028. How to make it faster is the question I will pose to the RFP. Maligayang Pasko, boys.
  6. I'm looking for advices from financial planners and rich folks who managed to retire early. I'm 35 this month, no dependents and projecting I will be single forever. Currently, I have savings and mutual funds. Im also paying off my card debt which will be paid off by november and personal loans which in my current plan, will be paid off next year. I have work and plan to take my Master's next sem. What investments do I need to buy for my long term gain? Should I tweak my budget and payment scheme to reach my goals quicker? Thanks!
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