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  1. SKL mahirap pala talagang maglaba.
  2. Marshall. Four years of good sound and counting.
  3. Career. May sense of fulfillment at achievement, lalo na kaoag natapos mo ang isang mahirap na trabaho tapos ang ganda ng rewards. Kaya kang buhayin ng career, ang love, aawitan ka lang.
  4. Insurance ang VUL. Insurance na nilagyan ng mutual fund para lang mas lumaki ang value. Don't think of it as an investment. Instead, look at it as future protection for your family should you bite the dust earlier than expected. MP2 naman, stuck for five years. May listahan ang PAG-IBIG ng mga dahilan para tanggapin ang early withdrawal ng MP2 mo. Kung kailangan mo ng liquid na investments na walang masyadong losses, go for bank savings or money market funds.
  5. I'm looking for advices from financial planners and rich folks who managed to retire early. I'm 35 this month, no dependents and projecting I will be single forever. Currently, I have savings and mutual funds. Im also paying off my card debt which will be paid off by november and personal loans which in my current plan, will be paid off next year. I have work and plan to take my Master's next sem. What investments do I need to buy for my long term gain? Should I tweak my budget and payment scheme to reach my goals quicker? Thanks!
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