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Masteral - Any Plans?

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mga sir and mam, advice naman po..


ano po kayang magandang masteral course para sakin?


im an ECE grad (not licensed) currently working as an Assistant Manager sa isang Manufacturing Industry.

I plan to work sa government after 5 more years here kaya kumuha ako ng Civil Service Exam and nakapasa na.

Ano po kaya ang bagay na masters degree para sakin na magagamit ko dun sa 2 field of choice ko???


Thanks in advance


Political Economy or International Law

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Hmmm... I planned to enroll in an MBA program before but I realized it is just a waste of time here in PH (in my opinion)


I'd rather work and learn the ropes of the business first hand than spend time and money finishing a program.


an MBA degree is not a guarantee that you'll rise in your corporate ladder or a higher pay check naman. Most of the time it becomes a liability esp if the employer or company sees it as an over qualification.


I have a few friends who finished MBA but they're still on the same paycheck, same position. But their colleagues who didn't have one and focused on the job got promoted.

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I'm a graduating BS Mech Engg student. I was hoping to take a masters na Business related... can someone enlighten me about my options?


The Indians I know took up engineering courses then took up an MBA. The kind of MBA you wish to take and the resources you have will dictate where you will study.


I'd still go for the top MBA schools (UP, Ateneo, DLSU, Asian Institute of Management). However, these schools all have admission requirements so you will have to take them into consideration as well.


Some of these schools require a job experience so you may need to work for at least a year first before you are admitted.


Good luck with the diploma! :)

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If I can offer an advise,


Kung postgrad education din lang, subukan nyo na magabroad. Kasi ang dami daming fellowship na pwede applayan sa Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, or US. Sure kakayod ka talaga ng konti at matrabaho sya pero sulit naman.


Ang issue kasi ng karamihan satin, hirap talaga pagsabayin work tsaka postgrad schooling. Kaya me iba na di na natatapos. Kung abroad kasi, bukod sa ok yung quality ng education, competitive pa stipend. So parang ikaw binabayaran nila para magaral sa bansa nila. At dahil dun studies mo lang talaga tutukan mo

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