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Masteral - Any Plans?

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Don't think about it, just do it. A masters degree is definitely an advantage. In some cases you will even be behind if you don't have it because everyone else does.


If you don't have funds, there are many options. You can request your company foot the bill, of course in exchange for lock in period. Tiis ka nlang, it's a worthy investment. You can also try various scholarship funds, madami. Most large companies and rich businessmen have education funds. It doesn't hurt to inquire if you are eligible.


You can also try embassies. Many offer free study abroad. Europe, Australia, Japan, etc. mag inquire ka Lang, wala mawawala syo.


My advice is huwag Tamad or mahina loob. Dami opportunity sayang if takot ka kunin. Be hardworking and aggressive, and most of all maintain integrity, and you will go far in this world.

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Currently taking up MC - so far, so good. Medyo nashock lang ako kasi kala ko upo lang at makikinig. Turns out, mas proactive pala mga tao dito tsaka talagang mataas ang expectations sayo.


Kung pwede lang magback out, i would kasi tamad ako. Pero since naumpisahan ko na, kelangan ko tapusin kasi ayoko ng what ifs hehehe.


Sagot naman ng company tuition ko kaya oks na rin. :)

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Abroad na lang dapat magpostgrad. Walang mangyayari kung sa Pilipinas. Kasi syempre pag nagpostgrad ka sa pinas alangan naman di ka din magtrabaho. San ka kukuha pangtutustus mo?


Sa abroad kasi, yun na lang talaga gagawin mo. Yun thesis, compre, or whatever. At mataas talaga stipend para di ka magpart time sa labas.


Madali naman makakuha fellowship abroad basta maganda track record mo at me konting work experience ka na. Yun kasi mas matimbang sa kanila kesa grades mo nung college

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An MBA degree gets your foot in the door of your prospective employer. You get noticed, your resume stands out among the rest without an MBA.


Once you're in, you better be good as advertised. An MBA raises expectations so you better live up to that or the "lesser mortals" without MBAs will eat you alive in the exciting and competitive world of corporate life.

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