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Masteral - Any Plans?

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Agree ako sa sinabi ni jt2003. Best thing to do before enrolling in an MBA program is to gain a rounded experience in different business areas like marketing, production and finance. In this way your contribution to the class is meaningfull, your dicussions with your prof has depth and your can compare what you learn in class with your actual experience.

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Take the mba. Better yet, go full time/load up on units, if you can afford it. Stick to the local brand names if you're going to study in the Philippines. (Ateneo, DLSU, UP, AIM)


That degree combined with a decent work experience will open doors for you both locally and around the region.


(Nowadays, I noticed that a lot of multinationals hire regionally - i.e. they look for talent around the asiapac region.)

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It will all boil down on the student. If you really have that zest in learning and not just get a diploma and a title then get a masters.


But if your getting it just to have a promotion. I beg not, chances are you'll get promoted but if your really not serious in learning your boss and subordinates will realize that your juat crap. ( Mas nakakahiya lang)

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PLM is a good place to take your MBA the same quality of education that you can get from DLSU, Ateneo, and UP.


Most of my former prof. are also MBA grads from PLM and they are teaching in CSB and they came from the said schools.


Financial wise mas mura ito kaysa kumuha ka sa mga exclusive schools na ang tataas ng tuition just to get a hold of their MBA diplomas.


Actually nag iipon pa ako for the MBA course then kuha ako ng teaching units para makapag turo sa CSB or maybe other school para naman ma i share ko ang mga natutunan ko from CSB.



Animo La Salle.....

Animo Benilde......

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Hmm, puro MPA, MBA ang mga nababasa kong master dito ha? Wala bang interesadong kumuha ng health related masters?


Kung meron, I suggest go to UP-Manila\ kung kaya mong maging student on residency. PEro kung gahol ka, try mo yung UP-Open University. Modular ang aral at once a week ang meeting, mayroon ding internet courses para sa nasa malayong ibayo ng Pinas. Bagay ito sa mga students na independent study ang orientation ngh kanilang learning process.


Since walang Master in Physical Therapy pa dito sa pinas, im presently taking up Master in Health Professions Education, coz I'm teaching in a medical school. Ganda ng courses, talagang relevant lahat at mababait ang mga teachers.

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i'm presently taking my grad studies. one year to go. hayyy!


MBA sa Ateneo Graduate School of Business


i  love the way that they not only teach you all about management and leadership in today's world but inculcating in you the values of being selfless and committed.


How many graduates implement this? I have had classes about being selfless but the rich don't do this.

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How many graduates implement this?  I have had classes about being selfless but the rich don't do this.


that's why i decided not to take up mba. instead i took up MA in literature and MFA in creative writing. the arts make one more emphatic, i think.


i know some people who had finished their MBA (some even at AIM and ivy league schools) but couldn't make black their bottomline.


still, mba is mba. a good venue to learn from others.

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How many graduates implement this?  I have had classes about being selfless but the rich don't do this.


complicated8 - you know what? i agree with you. but that is not the fault of the school.


adults go into grad studies and by this time, their personalities, mindsets, attitudes, and values have all been hardened into the core of their being. there's not a lot of new tricks that you can teach old dogs.


but saying that schools such as ateneo should stop promoting ethics and values just because not a lot of graduates "implement" them is like saying that we should get rid of all traffic lights since they're not much followed anyway.


my mom, who's been a university professor (not in ateneo) for 29 years, used to fret that no matter how hard she tries to guide students to make the right choices, no matter how difficult they can be, there are those who just let their life go to waste. she said she tried all sorts of tricks and methods and invented new ones to keep those lessons on critical thinking alive in the students' brains just as much as balancing books and compounding elements. and it broke her heart everytime.


did she give up? no.


but she has learned a new point: schools can only do so much to influence the critical thoughts and values of a person. in the end, it's up to the person to live these lessons and values everyday. if the person refuses, heck it's none of the school's fault. but you cannot say that the school didn't try.


corporations at the cutting-edge of growth nowadays put an emphasis on values and ethics, believe it or not.


the corporate world has been rocked badly by the scandals at enron, the collapse of the barings bank, halliburton, worldcom, and xerox have forced many CEOs and corporations to strengthen their commitment to ethics. corporate leaders nowadays have become the strongest advocates of corporate integrity.


texas instruments, which sits at No. 167 in the Fortune 500 list for 2005, is proud of its reputation for integrity. its CEO considers the company's reputation to be a priceless asset.


today's companies cannot survive into the next decade if they do not have any clear idea on what their corporate MISSION, VISION, CULTURE, AND VALUES are. yup. it's no longer just mission and vision today. top companies define themselves by their culture and values too.


i feel sorry for companies whose managers of tomorrow are today's unscrupulous lot whose sole interest in running a business is for self-wealth and who have zero idea on what values are. if this person doesn't have any good set of values, he/she cannot even be capable of determining the company's values too.


so yes, to answer your comment, not a lot of graduates implement the school's teachings, which i take to mean that not a lot of graduates have their own sets of personal values.


just because they don't doesn't make them right.

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