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Masteral - Any Plans?

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first 3 months lang. and if you're married, you can ask na hindi na mag-dorm.


staying in the dorm is supposed to be part of the AIM experience, it is also helpful (suuposedly) in your adjustment to the new types of stress. pero meron mga non-dormers, pasok agad sa dean's list. kanya-kanyang diskarte lang.


Required pa rin bang mag dorm?

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For those who lack time, why not try an on-line degree...or off-campus...


Got MBA from I/AME sa Makati. Modular course of instruction...another way of saying...Distance Education...


While overseas I found APU or American Public University (www.apus.edu).


For those overseas or kahit yung nasa pinas, go check it out...lapit na ako matapos MM (Info Tech Management)...they credited other courses from MBA...

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needed 18 more units para matapos kaso hectic sched... better get it from the big three (up, lasalle, ateneo) much better sa AIM or abroad...


as for me... money well spent kung tutuusin... may mga scholarship programs sila so money would be that much problem.


kaya ko naman i-shoulder kaya di na ko apply sa scholarship kahit na ok grades.... bigay na lang yun slot para dun sa di maka-afford....


post graduate courses not only improves skills but your personality as well...

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I took up 33 units of MA in Communication (major in Broadcast Education) at ADMU-Katipunan. Didn't have the chance to submit my thesis because I returned to the US for good.


For those of you who intend to finish a master's degree in Communication ... don't go to Ateneo and waste money. It's a good thing that I got offered a scholarship so I didn't really shell out any moolah for tuition fees. I don't know how it is now but back then, the Dept. of Communication of Ateneo lacked profs for the master's degree program. I was disappointed to find out (but couldn't back out) that I had classmates who were young enough to be my students and were still undergrads. Sheez. Very few of us were professionals and half of my classmates were taking the subjects I was enrolled in as electives. I didn't like that. It made me think that the subjects I was taking were not of the master's level but still of the undergrad's.


I should've gone back to UP Diliman for my MA in Communication. Tsk-tsk.


No offense to my undergrad classmates in ADMU. You kids were smart. But I just wanted to be with people who were already working and were pursuing their MAs.

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Are you a job-seeker who is looking for more responsibility and pay, seeking more leverage in obtaining a work/life balance, or contemplating a move into management -- and are considering returning to school to get your MBA? Or perhaps a job-seeker exploring changing careers by going back to school for your MBA? Or perhaps a consultant looking to add a credential to your dossier. Or perhaps a college junior or senior contemplating going straight through and obtaining your MBA right after your undergraduate degree?


Regardless of who you are...Is it appropriate to take up MBA degree???? <_<



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If you work for the government or a government-controlled corporation, A BIG YES. You need an MBA or any master's degree to get ahead and get better pay. That's why JRU's non-thesis MBA program is filled with government employees. Promotion will depend in part on having a master's degree.


If you're in the corporate world, it will help. Government regulations are rigid. The private sector, on the other hand, is more flexible. They'll accept "equivalents" in experience. So while an MBA isn't necessary, it will help. Still, there are many institutions that require their senior executives to have master's degrees (not necessarily an MBA).


If you want to teach, YES. You can be accepted as a faculty member even without an MBA, but the school will ask you to pursue an MBA...while teaching.


If you aren't in the government, the corporate world, or the academe, it doesn't matter s**t.

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JT - ano yung JRU?

The old Jose Rizal College, now the Jose Rizal University. I believe they now have a first-class building for their MBA program. Since it's a non-thesis program, you can gain your MBA in two years. I remember how attending an MBA class there was like going to DBP because more than half of the class were employees of the Development Bank of the Philippines (They were really pretty, though). I would say that around 90% of students at the time were government employees.

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For those thinking of pursuing an MBA...


The quality of your education will depend not on your school and not on your professors. It will depend on the quality of your peers, i.e. your classmates and groupmates. Your professor is for the most part a facilitator. There are no lectures in an MBA class. An MBA is peer education. That's why most institutions require a certain amount of work experience before you can be accepted into their MBA programs. You teach what you've learned. They learn from you, you learn from them.


Some time ago, I asked a friend what the difference was between an undergraduate Psych degree and a graduate Psych degree (she has both, plus a master's degree in another field and PhD units). The latter, she said, was more about self-education. In other words, you took on greater responsibility for your education.


With an MBA, it's about learning from others, from their experiences.


If you decide to pursue an MBA and stick to it, you'll be drowned with group work. You'll need to be around people who know what they're talking about. You'll need to be around people who know how the world works. Unfortunately, you'll also be around people who'll say that the solution to a certain problem is to let the managers or president know about the problem ("Isumbong natin sa presidente!"). How idiotic can you get? But it happens.


With an MBA, it's really about your peers. There may come a point (hopefully not) where you feel that you're teaching more than learning...and paying for it. If such a time comes, it may be better to just leave and go elsewhere.

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