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Back To The 70's

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On the 23rd of September 1972, Martial Law was declared although Marcos antedated it to September 21 (7+7+7=21). Nawala lahat ng palabas sa Zenith 21" TV namin na Black & White. Pulos mukha ni Marcos and Tatad ang palabas.


Biglang nabago ang takbo ng Pilipinas pati na Fashion and Lifestyle.


Before Martial Law

Plaza Miranda and Mendiola, not EDSA were the place for rallies and freedom.


Fashion style: Hippie - Long hair for boys and girls, distressed denims (flared), what you see nowadays. Miniskirt and hot pants for girls with matching "wet look" leather boots.


1971 - Plaza Miranda bombing


1972 - MARCOS. Martial Law. Curfew. Harrasment. No more long hair.




Bagong terms noon na nauso



Huwag kang maingay, baka madinig ka ni Marcos

Political Detainees


Pero being a child noon, wala akong pakialam.


I thought, wow, luminis, tumahimik and gumanda ang Pinas.


Enjoy ako sa mga TV series na My Favorite Martian sa morning before I go to school.


Tapos uso ang stay-in parties o tipar :D




First time kong makatikim ng Adidas (Vienna, kasi mas gusto kong Red)

Glenmore and Wilson kung leather shoes (buhay pa kaya sila?)

Wilson Shoes is supposed to be in Detroit St., Cubao.



Levi's and Wrangler lang. Or magpatahi ka na lang. American bell pang tawag nun.

Tapos lumabas ang Bangbang, Faded Glory



Hang Ten, Munsingwear, Collezione, Lacoste, Fred Perry, FILA, Lotto, Sergio Tacchini


In Places

Farmers sa Cubao

Quad sa Ayala



Well, kung naaalala nyo pa, post lang kayo.

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Interesting topic. I remember that I was in Prep when Martial Law was declared. Nothing but Marcos on TV and static on the other channels. The streets were eeriely quite. According to my Dad, a lot of people actually favored the imposition of ML because the peace and order situation was getting worse around that time, what with street demonstrations and an overall rise in criminality. Of course, I didn't care less. I was just pissed because I could not watch Popeye the Sailorman on Channel 7.


There is an interesting theory that used to do the rounds that put forth the theory that the downfall of Marcos was due in part to his order to ban the showing of the Super Robot cartoons (e.g. Voltes V, Mazinger Z, and Daimos) on TV. A lot of the kids who were fans of these toons were the same young adults who demonstarted against Marcos during the times leading up to the EDSA Revolution.


Before I go way off topic does anyone remember Faded Glory Jeans , Nik-Nik shirts, Bang-Bang and Yeh Yeh Vonnel?



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1$ - 7P.


Vonnel was from the 60's.


Faded Glory (Bang bang) denim pants with Nik nik shirt. They cost a fortune then. I remember, my mom bought them at Zurbaran near Quiapo Central market. Those were the days of printed polyester.


What I like then was seeing girls in tight fitting Gloria Vanderbilt, Sasson, Jordache and siempre Fiorucci denim pants and don't forget the Brooke Shields CK pants.


The Wherelse Disco era.

Danskin leotards with balloon skirt and no bras. Sexy, sexy, sexy. SWING :P

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yes...the 1970s. Those were the glory days of boxing. Muhammad Ali was making headlines with the Oscar Bonavena fight, after the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed charges on Ali's evasion on his military draft.


October 1, 1975 - Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier in the sensational bout "THRILLA IN MANILA" at the Araneta Coliseum. Refereed by Carlos Padilla (Zsa Zsa Padilla's dad). Ali Mall in Cubao was erected and named after the legendary boxer.


August 1974 - Heavyweight championship bout "Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire, Africa - Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman. The "Rope-A-Dope" technique was applied/revealed courtesy of "the Greatest".


1978 - Leon Spinks was defeated by Muhammad Ali , earning Ali the only boxer to have won the heavyweight championship title three times.


Television hit mini-series in the 1970s


1. Roots - based on the novel by Alex Hailey.

2. Richman, Poorman Books 1 and 2

3. Centennial - starring Robert Conrad as French trapper Paskinel.

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Shoes nung 70's na di na uso ngayon:



Sling-back shoes with a thick heel and sole, made of wood with leather or suede front straps and a metal buckle.


Earth Shoes

Ergonomically correct shoes in which the heels were lower than the front.


Platform Shoes

Shoes with a sole of at least 4 to 7 inches high. Made you look taller than you really were.

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napapaghalata kayo mga bosings ! :D :P :lol:


tv series


1. rat patrol

2. planet op d eyps


"sa ikauunlad ng bayan, bisikleta ang kailangan" got AU doing several laps around luneta for it


bawal long hair sa lalaki and nakahubad sa kalye (babae puede :evil: )


bert 'tawa' marcelo VS rod navarro on radio


prinsipe amante on radio (later on tv)


seeing stars with JQ (a true recognized showbiz authority, even abroad)


veto, mum - for d ladies

tancho, old spice - for d guys


jeepney fare - 10 cents first 4 kilometers



products of mi rambling (addled) thoughts

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veto, mum - for d ladies

tancho, old spice - for d guys

Bro, 60's pa yan.


Is it you their talking about? Veto :D



Ito yung scent ng 70's


For Men:

CD Eau Sauvage

Paco Rabanne


Jovan Musk Oil

Grey Flannel




For the Ladies:



Paco Rabanne

Miss Dior


Ralph Lauran

YSL Rive Gauche


Vitalis and Nivea cream for d guys. Di na usong pomade.

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Party boy ako nung 70's kaya hetong favorite kong mga singers and bands


Donna Summer




Vickie Sue Robinson

Patti Labelle

Chaka Khan

Earth Wind and Fire


Blue magic

Main Ingredient


Patrick Hernandez


Diana Ross

Terri de Sario

Yvonne Elliman

Tower of Power


The Hues Corporation

Three Degrees






Barry White

Biddu Orchestra


Karl Douglas

Carol Douglas

Gloria Gaynor

Gary's Gang

Ohio Player



KC and the Sunshine Band

Paul Jabbara

Paul Williams

Roberta Flack

Olivia Newton John


Sergio Mendez & Brazil 77

Chuck Mangioni

London Synchophonic Orchestra

John Denver

Barry Mannilow

Rupert Holmes

David Gates

Boz Scaags

Friends of Distinction

Peaches and Herb

5th Dimension

Samantha Sang


A Taste of Honey

France Jolli


Village People

7th Avenue

Deniece Williams

Earl Klugh

Alessi Brothers

Gino Vanelli

Irene Cara


Silver Convention

Ritchie Family

Evelyn Champagne King

Stevie Wonder


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kinakanta during flag ceremony


May bagong silang, may bago nang buhay

Bagong ___, bagong dangal, sa bagong Lipunan.

nagbabago ang lahat, tungo sa pag-unlad

At ating itanghal bagong lipunan.


Ang gabi'y nagmaliw nang ganap, at lumipas na ang magdamag

Madaling araw ay nagdiriwang sa umagang namasdan

Lumingon ang pag-asa, sa umagang anong ganda


May bagong silang, may bago nang buhay

Bagong ___, bagong dangal, sa bagong Lipunan.

nagbabago ang lahat, tungo sa pag-unlad

At ating itanghal bagong lipunan



robbie's sings the second stanza


Ang gabi'y nagmaliw nang ganap, at lumipas na ang magdamag

Madaling araw may nagnanakaw ng manok sa kulungan :P

Dumating ang may-are, pinukpok ng kawale :lol: :D :P

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Bro, 60's pa yan.


Is it you their talking about? Veto :D

:lol: :lol: :lol: robbietan, 1960s pa raw yang veto.


yeah yeah vonel




1, 2 - 1, 2, 3 - 1, 2, 3, 4 - let's go.


coronia, coronia...let's coronia..Coronia Nail Polish.




Si Tatang Kasi, Tang tarang tang


Oras ng Ligaya with oscar obligacion and sylvia la torre


Nine Teeners


The Sensations directed by Tony Santos Sr. - with bobot mortiz, vilma santos, romy mallari, perla adea.


Super Laff-in


The Partridge Family with David Cassidy and Shirley Jones

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Salsa, El Bimbo

You Can Ring My Bell

Rock The Boat - Hues Corporation

Toyota vs. Crispa

Francis Arnaiz and Robert Jaworski

Atoy Co

Harrison Plaza

Kabataang Barangay

Bagong Lipunan

Rico Puno vs. Hajii Alejandro

Donny and Marie

The Muppet Show

Charlie's Angels


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Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew TV series on GMA 7.

Student Canteen with Eddie Ilarde, Bobby Ledesma and Helen Vella

Elvis Presley LIVE via satellite Aloha From Hawaii - 1973

Jesus Christ Superstar music was a hit thus the "Superstar" concept applied to Nora Aunor.

Lollipops and Roses movie starring Nora Aunor with an early glimpse of miami vice's Don Johnson singing CLOSE TO YOU with nora aunor

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PLaces to go in Metro Manila in the 70's aside from Harrison Plaza




Ali Mall


SM Makati

SM Cubao


Usong dance namin nung high school


Rock, swing, punk ala Ryan Fuentes & Michael Jackson

LA Walk and strut ala John Travolta




Sikat na burger


Tropical Hut



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coronia, coronia...let's coronia..Coronia Nail Polish


caronia, caronia, ikabofini manicuraaaaa i caronia.......





good earth emporium on avenida in sta. cruz manila

panciteria moderna - beside sta. cruz church

syvels - escolta (no other but syveeeeeelssss)


ang tibay shoes (from marikina)

odeon theater on azcarraga (recto)

whopper burger - avenida corner azcarraga


jolibee took off in the 1980s man, cool man, yeah man,

wait a minute man naipit man (john en marsha in america)


dr. j and the new york nets

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Rosanna Ortiz

Batuta ni Dracula - Eddie Garcia

Bert Leroy

Gigantor - first japanese anime shown channel 5 "gigantor the big big robot"

Marine Boy, Space Ghost, Shazzam, Moby Dick cartoons shown at RPN 9

The Godfather Part I and II

Wild Wild West - Robert Conrad

Seeing Stars with JQ - Robert Conrad guest

Jeanne Young Show channel 9 - Robert Conrad guest

Exorcist - Linda Blair

Alemars at Sta Cruz

Lino Brocka's Maynila: Sa Kuko ng Liwanag, Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang.

Wrangler Jeans

Pong video game

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jolibee took off in the 1980s man, cool man, yeah man,

wait a minute man naipit man (john en marsha in america)


dr. j and the new york nets

I remember Jollibee as a cheaper alternative to Tropical Hut Burger. Magkalasa burger nila pero mas mura ng P1 ang jollibee. Jollibee was like a soda fountain cum diner. The first Jollibee was located near Quezon Theater, Cubao. Jolllibee served then Magnolia ice cream preparations like Banana split, shakes and ice cream sodas.


Dr. J was with Philadelphia together with Moses Malone.

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Dr. J was with Philadelphia together with Moses Malone.


80s na iyan bos/madame(?) twoballs, dr.j was with the ABA b4 it merged with the NBA. pero nadale nyo origins of jolibee, a soda fountain in qc



the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT that shaped the 70s




in 1974 as the @#%##^ OPEC decided to stop being business and become the greedy cartel they are today

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