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  1. curious lang.... i see people kasi hanging outside the gym smoking after their workout. what are the after effects of these? hihina resistensya? etc? does this have an effect on muscle growth? how bout if you smoke and do cardios?
  2. Thought of opening this thread who would want to share and know more about cardio-vascular exercises. I have tried a variety cardio exercises known to man.. (e.g. treadmill jogs, inclined treadmill walks, circuits, cycling, rowing, cardio-boxing, HIIT) but the most effective (where i lost 20 pounds for 3 months + gained athletic conditioning i had while i was in college) is the HIIT. but of course, this is not for everyone. share nyo cardio activities nyo so everyone can benefit from this. i will also share to you guys an article i got from the net. hope this is beneficial. The best cardio exercise and its benefits Cardio exercise is different to aerobic exercise in that it works the body a little harder encouraging more calories to be burned. The best cardio exercise works the body towards the higher end of the target heart rate. This slightly higher intensity develops a greater physical fitness because the heart, lungs and the whole cardiovascular system must adapt to become stronger. With a stronger and bigger heart more oxygenated blood, rich in nutrients and energy can be delivered to hard working muscles. A greater lung capacity allows us to exercise for longer durations without that common tired feeling after a workout. A stronger cardiovascular system means more capillaries innervating muscles which delivers more oxygen to each cell enabling them to burn more fat during both exercise and inactivity. Although cardio exercise burns more calories is it tends to burn a higher percentage of carbohydrates whereas aerobic exercise will burn a greater percentage of fat. However on gaining fitness this can turn around, a fitter person with a resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute may eventually burn a greater amount of fat even during a cardio exercise workout at a high pace. Using cardio exercise to gain fitness has many benefits to help lose weight.... Burn fat more efficiently at lower intensities Increased metabolism Increased energy levels for more active lifestyle Increased stamina Faster recovery after exercise Improved sleeping habits Cope with every day stresses & strains Reduction in moods and depression The internets leading fitness expert can help develop fast, effective fitness programs! The best cardio exercise is one which keeps the heart rate at about 80% of maximum for at least 15 minutes. Good examples are rowing, swimming, jogging or workouts that cause moderate sweating. Exercises such as weight training or sprinting are too intense and classed as anaerobic exercises. Its important to monitor target heart rate zone during exercise to keep within correct and safe limits.
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