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  1. Most song titles are pretty common, and it's not pretty. Know of any unusual song titles? Here's mine: SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA THERE'S A STREET NAMED AFTER MY DAD. From Was Not Was. Now there's a group with a weird name, but that's another topic. Believe it or not, they have a song titled like that, and believe it or not, it's pretty good.
  2. Try ko lang 'to! Are there any wine drinkers here? Let's share naman dito... Favorite wines.......favorite varietals (do you go for cabernet? merlot? shiraz? etc)...fave brands....opinions against the use of plastic stoppers vis-a-vis cork? any wine bars you've been to here or abroad? fave food to go with wine?
  3. Heto pa ang isa: Give any songs with any color in the title. Example: TIE A YELLOW RIBBON - Tony Orlando and Dawn
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