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Falling For Somebody 15 Years Older

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15? how about 20plus years older? hehehe :D


kasi ako, i was i think 15.. then 39. hahaha

at first dko akalain na magiging seryoso... im just playing around (maybe bcuz im stil young.. n childish)

pero nung nagkakaiyakan na kame pag nag aaway at umaabot na sa point ng paghihiwalay..

OMG. we both realized its not only a game. hays! :D


he also told me face-to-face that he does not want to play anymore.. and wants me exclusively.

(since before kasi na acquaintance lang turingan namen, and i date many guys)

he also gt mad and jealous whenever i go out with other older guys..

ayun. in short.. binakuran nya na ako. :D hehehe


after sometime, after that revelation, officially, naging kame.. and lasted

more than 4years. :D

as in super inlove.. that everyday, gusto namen magkasama kame..

lalo na during my vacant times sa school .. and he makes takas lunchtime to eat lunch with me.



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He was 50 and i was 25 at that time.... He courted me and I fell in love. Then he asked me a question that ended it all... "are you willing to waste your youth taking care of me when im old, grey and sick" I thought about it and said yes. He told me "I love you for saying that but I'm not willing to let you waste your youth..."


Worst heartbreak ever...

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unless theyre filthy rich .. hell no


but if what if they're like those white, thick and juicy girls :lol:


just messing with you bro maong!


hey my hubby is 7 years my junior...he was 21 when we started dating but we're both in our 30's now...


sooner or later you'll catch up din sa age niya...like you'll be 50 and your partner will be 65!


retirement benefits, social security, medicare, no kids to worry about...you can have all the time in the world with them

since they don't have to go to work...:P


c'mon now give us oldies a chance! :P

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i hav a friend who is more than 20 yrs older than his girlfriend minsan kasama ko sila sumakay ng jeep gosh pinagtitinginan sila ng mga pasahero pano ba naman napaka showie nila holding hands pa para syang tatay na pumatol sa anak nya he he... of coarse this friend of mine is also older than me mga ten yrs.

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a 20-something going out with a 30something is not a really tough call to make...20 years na distansya, medyo mahirap na itago yan. i mean, it will take a lot more than guts to ignore bothered looks of people around you...30 years or more na gap, saludo na ako dyan.


but then life is a choice. it is what makes you happy that is important. don't let anybody tell you different. :goatee:

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im a 25 year old guy and i have fallen for lady 15 years older than me.


i'd like to know if anybody has experienced this. what were the obstacles you encountered?


if you haven't had such a relationship. what do you think of it?


I fell for someone 11 years my senior. It didn't work out coz of a lot of things but I still think of her a lot. I guess it's the same way with any other relationship. The only problem is that the physical attraction may become lost early in the relationship...It is important to find out why you fell in love with her and ask yourself if you could focus on that element for you to stay in love because it really becomes way complicated when you go into that kind of relationship...(usually about other people like friends, family...her friends, her family, lifestyles, etc.)


Good luck bro.

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