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Who's Your Favorite Columnist?

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max soliven, one of my favorite columnist has passed away...

wala n ko mababasang mga kilometric but veryinformative columns...


ohhh...didn't know he passed away na. he was good and the star won't be the same without him.


my favorites right now are isagani cruz and manuel quezon III. it gave me the greatest pleasure when the two were subtly insulting each other after cruz wrote an anti-gay column.

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Maximo V. Soliven.


Manong Max is the last of his kind. The last of his generation of media men. He resume is very, very impressive. Covering numerous conflicts and internnational developments, meeting monarchy and different heads of state, he was a giant in his own right! His style of writing is very informative, poignant and greatly entertaining, if I may borrow the other poster's words: kilometric. Long it may be but it did not lack substance, reading his writings made you feel you were in the thick of it all! His grasp of history was very commendable, his mind is sharp and his tongue acerbic!


His opinions are what I highly regard. They are fair, balanced, moderate and always practical. He is not into sensationalism nor does he resort to shock value, name calling or engage in mud slinging. He veers away from the popular line of thought and somehow the opinions which he expresses are those being shared by the majority of the people. I favor him over Conrado de Quiros (you suck big time girl!!!), MLQ III and others. Iba si Manong Max, he is above his contemporaries!


Manong Max, vaya con Dios.

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Ambeth Ocampo - entertaining way of retelling Phil history

Boo Chanco - his manghuhula friend helps in making eco and pol forecast (magaling tsumamba!)

Rina Jimenez David - feminist na nasa lugar

Peter Wallce (Manila Standard Today) - Australian but very pinoy yung banat!

Butch Dalisay - nice take on the middle class angst, besides he's a good friend (mutual admiration :P!)

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