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    Intelligent conversation. Kindness and respect. Please don't message me if you'd only want to talk about the inexistence of your sex life. That is neither my concern nor my business.

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  1. I like this question, but I'd paraphrase it if I could to read: "Would you want to sleep with me tonight?" - Sexier, saucier, thought-provoking, and most of all, with a sense of urgency. Because what is passion, if not driven by one's sense of urgency to hold and to have? Now. Not tomorrow.
  2. The best time to go is the time that you can actually commit to, consistently. For me, it is between 4 and 6 am.
  3. I am my own cel! (Hahaha...I know it is not responsive to the question ✌️✌️) Heto na - Iphone 13 Pro Max, Iphone 14, and a Samsung Galaxy Fold. May Nokia din ako... the one with the keys. Ang tibay-tibay eh. It just won't die. If all lovers can be as enduring as a Nokia, then there will be a forever!
  4. I love Mac. I can't get enough of my Macbook Pro, and how seamless it integrates with my Iphone 13 Pro Max and 14. I am dreaming of having another one. Truly an ecosystem that I have no plans of leaving anytime soon.
  5. Please, don't greet with "Hi po..." Hahahaha Seriously, you expect to get laid with an opening statement as lame as that?!!! Try to sound smart. Because dumb pick up lines betray the limitation of your brain power, and there is nothing that turns off more than lack of intelligence. Intelligence is always sexy, more sexy than any man with humongous @e#%$ size can ever claim.
  6. Love and sex always go together. No matter how much you love, it will die when you are not sexually compatible. In the same vein, no matter how earth-shaking the sex is, the interest will wane soon enough when you do not feel anything for each other. They go together like salt and pepper, in the same way that body and soul go together and are inseparable.
  7. I was told that I was beautiful by more men than I can ever care to count, which makes me wonder whether men who tell LIES are increasing. I find it amusing. And when I am amused, I tend to smile.
  8. We broke contact because of what you did! Not because I don't love you... (charot!)
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