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  1. PC should be more versatile, but I prefer PC for work, console for gaming
  2. I get all my workout outfits from Nike. A have a few Adidas, though.
  3. Ako, ayoko. Relationships always come to an end, so why even start it?!
  4. Bonifacio High Street. I still like Powerplant and Greenbelt 3 and 5, though.
  5. Mocha frapuccino, please.
  6. Yes. So much., I take pride in it.
  7. Great s*x, hindi pa nakakataba. It burns calories 🤣
  8. Bastos in mind, in words, and in deed. I've met one here recently, and I think he is the textbook definition of a total loser. He claims to prefer smart women. How can you sustain the interest of smart women, when you don't work, and do nothing but think about having sex? When nothing comes out of your mouth except lust articulated in the most inelegant, bakya way known to man? Guys, don't aspire for smart women if you can't handle it.
  9. Never intentionally. I am a gentle soul. I do not want to be the cause of other people's misery.
  10. Definitely. I did, I have, and I will. For some reason, it is the secrecy that drives me wild, and when it is no longer needed to be a secret - and the complications have resolved itself - I lose interest.
  11. "Let us not communicate with each other... for a year!"
  12. Go na. Nagresign na pala eh. When I resigned a few months ago, I received a message from this guy at work, “Would you want to have dinner with me on xxx? We will not talk about work. Dinner as friends. No more conflict as we are not colleagues anymore.” … It turned out to be the best dinner of my life. So go, sige you can borrow those lines if you have to… 🤭
  13. All my relationships had been OR, and I mean all of them. With my boss… with my boss… with a colleague… a co-worker from another department… then most recently, with a foreigner who works at our parent company abroad… Because it is exciting. But it doesn’t always go well. If office gossip doesn’t bother you, instead, you welcome it, then I guess it is for you, as it is for me. Just be prepared to leave the company and move to another when you have to.
  14. The best is to NOT ask. It cheapens it and kills the fantasy. Seduction is an art, and I dated one who seems to have mastered it. On a first date after having met this man 3 days prior, he invited for dinner in a romantic restaurant, carried an intelligent conversation for 3 hours, and on the way to the parking space, tried holding my hand slightly. Then he stopped walking, faced me, and literally pulled me close to give a passionate kiss. The way he executed it, I'd say it was one of the wonders of the world. That is how you do it!
  15. Will be staying here at the end of the month for a few days. I will be traveling solo. I known that there will be few people compared to summer, but I would want to meet people and enjoy the night life. How? Where would be the places to go to, what to do if the intention is to live free before I grow old and wither? For me, this year should be about experiencing the moments that I missed out on. Nako, wala na nga ganon. Iba naman!
  16. Two months ago, I booked a flight to SG for next month because it would be my LDR's birthday. As bad luck would have it, we broke up two weeks ago. Now I am torn between going or staying, but if I don't go, none of the bookings will be refundable. Not the hotel, not the plane. Where can I go in SG, what can I do in four days traveling solo na hindi naman ako mukhang sawi? Not in the Gardens by the Bay please! Dyan kami nagpunta last time I visited, bka lalo akong magkukhang loser...
  17. Yung mga walang ginagawa intentionally and deliberately. They are such a turn off! I find people who are busy developing a career, nurturing a relationship, pursuing education, and improving themselves to be more attractive.
  18. that after everything has been said and done, men are hard to find. still.
  19. hahaha. funny but there is a ring of truth to it. Oo nga naman... 😂
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