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  1. Even though, it is still better, mag hihiwalay narun lang i sagad na 😅
  2. Bat need ng divorce if may anument naman? mas mahusay nga yung anulment eh
  3. No to LGTVQ, yes to legalization of prostitution
  4. Si BBM Parin malakas ngayon sa kalye serye, sa oists.com naka tally lahat halos ng result kaya bago maniwala sa SWS at pulse Asia and ect na sobrang bias
  5. Malakas si BBM ngayong, sa mga kalye servey lang eh... sa oists.com naka tally lahat
  6. kung yung condo unit malapit sa mall i prefer condo unit and dont like cleaning so a 2 room condo unit is better for me, may monthly dues nga lang dahil sa basura, tubig and security...
  7. Yes, Always... God of the bible (to be specific The LOrd Jesus Christ)
  8. No matter waht you do to make your self unawesome you cant, cuz you will always be
  9. there are Bad Science specially, the theories like evolution its just like a bad gossip. The bible is a truth book, even the mehanism of a war head if explained there in details before even the Scientist inveted it, but sadly it will be used to pulvorise the world
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