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Who's Your Favorite Columnist?

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conrado de quiros all `coz I think the man is the voice of reason in a crazy world (and a crazier country) like ours.


I don't always agree with what he has to say but his columns are often compelling enough to make me think through things more.


since madami pala syang fans dito, sana nabasa or basahin nyo rin yung compilation nya nung early, early columns nya, "Flowers from the Rubble".


ok din si Michael Tan at si Randy David. Used to read a lotta of Zafra until her style started to get kinda stale.

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Conrado De Quiros - He pulls no punches.


Teddy Benigno - Too bad he's gone


I used to like Amando Doronilla, but lately, I'm beginning to find his columns a bit too cozy, like as if he's observing things from an ivory tower...but's that's just my take


(In the realm of police reports) The Tulfo Brothers? - Well, with all the rumors going around in the negative about them, I still do admire their guts in lashing out against their targets, but the admiration is quite tempered, due to the clouds hanging over their integrity.

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