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What's The Last Book You've Read?

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i just read "what would machiavelli do -- the ends justify the meanness" by stanley bing. entertainment weekly was right: it's the ultimate guide to corporate backstabbing.


if you've ever wondered why some mean idiots have gotten ahead of you in the game of life, even though you're nicer, better educated, better looking than them, this book should explain that. :)


caveat: don't apply everything you read in this book, unless you want to be very rich, successful, but universally hated and loathed.

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after me times three i ended up reading the devil wears prada.


fun and funny read -- tells about the travails of a fresh graduate working as an assistant to a high powered magazine editor.


i could identify with this book cause iv had my share of bosses from hell too :P

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Guest breakdowngirl

just finished the bridges of madison county... i am currently finishing nicholas spark's message in a bottle and stephen king's insomnia... after that imma start naman susan's diary for nicholas =P

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Trinity by Leon Uris - a book on the Irish Question.


Iberia by James Michener - all about España (estupendo!!)


The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown - interesting read but not at all faith-shattering.


The Aenead by Vergil - I wanted to trace the timeline beginning with Aeneas' escape from Troy to his landing in Italy and the foundation by his ancestors of Rome.

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I've been reading the books of dan brown, the da vinci code and angels and demons which came first. They are very interesting reading although I would be careful if I were having confused thoughts or are a bit lost in terms of religion and your relationship with Christ as these books will definitely take you further away and cause you to seriously question your religion.

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