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If you're waiting for the time to enter the crypto market, now is a good time to buy Bitcoin. Currently, bitcoin is at a low price of 55,000. Wait for a few days and it will bounce back to 65,000. It's a 16% increase in just a few days. Compare that to a banks interest rate of less than 2% for a year. (bank interest rates are estimates only)

To demonstrate:

  • if you buy P1,000 of worth Bitcoin, will become P1,160 (profit P160) *
  • if you buy P10,000 worth of Bitcoin, it will become P11,600 (profit P1,600) *

How to buy Bitcoin?

  • GCash
  • Credit Card

Where to buy Bitcoin?

What is Binance?

  • Binance is the #1 crypto trading platform trusted by everyone.

Install the app on your smartphone


* profit depends on the current bitcoin market price, 65K in the next few days is only a mathematical prediction

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If you have questions regarding crypto just ask in this thread. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions.

Q- Will I get rich quick?
A- YES, if you know what you're doing.

Q- Will I lose money?
A- YES, if you are careless.

Q- May yumaman naba sa crypto trading?
A- Madami na din sila.

Q- Is this like gambling?
A- YES, but you will increase your chances of making money if using common sense.


You can click here to download the Binance app


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1 hour ago, jahirie said:

XRPL projects, NFTs (check ELS and VGB)

Install XUMM Wallet app or SOLOgenic Wallet app on your cell phone.

Transfer some XRP to either wallet

Visit https://sologenic.org/

Connect your XUMM or SOLOgenic wallet

Trade your XRP for $SOLO token 

There is an airdrop snapshot on Dec 24, 2021

Whatever XRP * 0.2 = SOLO airdrop

Whatever SOLO x 5 = SOLO airdrop

Will change of course depending on supply left.

Best trade before the year ends.

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Most likely the end of the bull cycle is coming (1st quarter of 2022) so please do your research since there are a lot of pump and dump scams here in crypto. Fundamental Analysis + Technical Analysis will still be helpful. Hoping for everyone to have a good profit from here! Goodluck! 

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