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  1. Ang daming kinikilig kay Fidel isa na ako doon. Kainis kaaaaaa!!!!954430066_images(4).jpeg.0fb0c0d4b30d5fdbe6e3b999772e0d15.jpeg

    1. theoneandonlymistressmia


      We live in interesting times where intelligent people are being bashed by stupid people who are followed by gullible fools.

  2. I had a super duper handsome Iranian ex boyfriend. Sobrang gwapo niya. As in I can say that he is the most handsome guy I met. TVC model siya. Sa pictures, I thought tan siya.. akala ko. So when we met, I was super starstruck especially he smiled. Alam niyo yung mga super gwapong lalaki sa fontpage ng pocket books? Ganon! Ang puti pati ng ngipin and he stand 6'1 ata. Sa sobrang pogi niua I even hid myself sa pinto and he had to pull me parang kinikidnap niya tuloy ako kasi when we met, may sore eyes ako. Pinilit niya lang mag kita kami. I was not prepared. He lives in Eastwood and I work there naman. He told me that he is crazy sa eyes ko. So he forced me to remove my sunglasses. I told him may sore eyes ako. He then said may med siya and meron naman talaga. So he asked me to close my eyes and I did. Pero when I did, hindi ko naman aakalain na lalaplapin niya ako. Hahahahahaahhaahaha! He said he don't care if may sore eyes ako. So alam niyo na. Hahaahha! Daks naman siya pero mapayat yung sa kanya and hindi suya ganun katagal in bed. Mga 10mins lang. Bitin ako nun kasi super high ng libido ko before. Hahaahahhaa. Ayan tayo sa pikit ka muna eh.
  3. Whether you choose to harbor animosity towards me or embrace me, the undeniable truth remains: my knowledge and understanding of this industry surpasses yours

  4. "Right before I closed down my spa, it is true that I practiced Tarot Reading, Reiki and Cleansing"

    I believe that having several spas gave me enough bad karma, which is also one of the reasons I left.

    Months before my closure, you witnessed these services being provided to customers.

    Contrary to what some people are spreading, there are many reasons at play when a business decides to close.

  5. "People often mistake the changes in others as a response to their own actions, when in reality, personal growth is a reflection of one's own journey."


    The spa industry has lost its spark. It's infested with self-entitled pricks who are delusional under their false pretense of manly arrogant behaviors. They think they are in control and that they know everything, without realizing that they only know one side of the story. They hate that someone knows better than them, and they hate the fact that they are guilty of being fools. They call themselves gentlemen but act like a complete douche to others because they think their money can buy everything.

  6. People like to say I have an attitude but the vibes I give off really depends on you.

    What you give, you get back, and that is a fact.


    So if I was a b!@tch, then you deserve that. 











  7. I miss going to Subic. I also really like our Zoobic Safari escapade. It was worth the P800 entrance fee that time. Looking forward to come back again.
  8. Up for this. Then when you educate then masama ka pa. Hahaha! This is why I also quit (as a spa owner).
  9. Dad bod. Appealing yung may konting fats. Ayoko sa mga ma abs. Parang ang tigas nila. Sarap hug ng dad bods eh. They also look sexier when they serve you.
  10. Losers yung mga nag lalagay ng celery sa sopas! Hahahahahaha! Panira ng lasa. Hindi ko malaman kung anong klaseng taste buds meron sila! Just kidding.
  11. Yung mga taong hirap na sa buhay at alam naman nila (to be honest) yung dapat na gawin or ayusin tapos reklamo ng reklamo pero ayaw naman baguhin yung lifestyle or yung habit. Tsk tsk tsk!
  12. Yung mga lalaki mababaho at may nakakahawang sakit pero hindi pa ayusin hygiene or magpagamot. Tapos nagkakalat ng sakit. Masama pa ang loob pag napuna at nireject
  13. Ah meron pa. Yung mga lalaking feeling entitled, who the heck creates a private group chat kasi walang balls mag salita before? Then only butts in nung kampi kampi na sila. Like ewww. Literal na bunch of losers. They treat women as objects. They treat people as thrash just because they can pay. They think they are high almighty and they have no flaws so they think people should please them. They also judge girls like as if they are items for sale completely disregarding their feelings. Men who gossips like cavemen who stalks girls just to look "cool" without even realizing that we have lives outside the spa. And what's so funny about is yung fact na bwiset na bwiset sila sakin kasi guilty sila sa mga sinasabi ko about them being losers.
  14. Yung grammar nazi na feeling matalino dahil lang may wrong grammar at typos ka in the middle of an argument tapos hindi magets yung whole point. Basta mema lang. Hahahaahha!
  15. Initially I thought it was a newspaper like Manila Bulletin
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