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Select 5 Males And 5 Females To Populate Mars

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If you were to select 5 Males and 5 Females to populate Mars, who will they be? What will your ground rules be regarding multiplication? What will be your selection criteria?


Let's see how many posts this thread remains scientific :-) Take it away! (JQ)

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To populate? 10 people won't be nearly enough. With a gene pool so shallow, we'll end up with all sorts of abnormalities once all these people who are genetically related start reproducing. We'll need more like 10,000 people (just my uneducated guesstimate) to ensure genetic diversity.


Adding to the above post, maybe an expert in psychology to look after the mental well-being of the community.


And each of the "colonists" should be of the supermodel-Nobel laureate-olympic level athlete-Nobel Peace Prize winner type of person :D

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On 11/25/2020 at 4:11 PM, zombdroid said:

But criteria should be:
1. No hereditary diseases
2. Must be in field of study of either the following Physics, Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture

3. Must be able and willing to reproduce

4. Must be younger than 30 (para makarami ;) )

5. Should also be psychologically stable. (we dont want closet serial killers hehe)

6. Should have a nurturing nature and have the ability to teach the offspring of the colony. 

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Posted (edited)

Males > my Ex's in real world. Wla kang itatapon they are All Young Sexbeast Macho Cuties.  Crush ng bayan hehe

Females > undecided. Why?  Cnong ex gf ang papayag db. I can handle all of them pro isa lang ang matres ko haha😅

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