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  1. A showbiz colleague who's turned in her 30-day notice and is migrating. I need to make my move.
  2. Uy Pharaoh, plus the Cleopatra expansion pack. Blast from the past hehehe. I also remember playing Heroes of Might and Magic back in those days.
  3. To populate? 10 people won't be nearly enough. With a gene pool so shallow, we'll end up with all sorts of abnormalities once all these people who are genetically related start reproducing. We'll need more like 10,000 people (just my uneducated guesstimate) to ensure genetic diversity. Adding to the above post, maybe an expert in psychology to look after the mental well-being of the community. And each of the "colonists" should be of the supermodel-Nobel laureate-olympic level athlete-Nobel Peace Prize winner type of person
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