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Sweetest thing <3

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Sweetest things:


1. It was my birthday, we were on the same shift. I was working and I didn't notice him slipping to go to the reception's area. When he came back, he was holding a vase of peach roses with a handwritten note.


2. First Christmas together, he bought a his and hers watch.


3. I got promoted at work. He showed up at the celebration with a long stemmed peach rose and a small teddy bear. He said sorry because he can't find potted plants and that he didn't know if it'll survive the day. :)


4. Valentine's Day, it was raining hard. When he got to where I was, he was wet, standing there, holding a long stemmed rose.


5. When he held my hand while watching a movie. And me feeling him look for them the times that I had to adjust in my seat and let him go.


6. Out of all these, the sweetest thing that I saw was when walking down the aisle and I was near enough to him, he was there with tears in his eyes. The look of love, pride, and joy in his eyes evident.

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The words that she said is just so magical that it still rings through my ears. "I wanted to kiss you and hug you so much. I'm glad I met you, I just wanted to make friends, but I never thought I'll be this attached to someone, I'm happy with what we have." The long hours we have been together seemed so fast. I can still remember the way you sleep, your face when you open your eyes and smile, the way you looked at me even if we are not saying anything. I will treasure each moment with you, and it will be the sweetest thing as far as I remember.

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