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  1. What movie or movie scenes made you cry buckets of tears? Let's fill this thread with the most touching moments in filmdom! Thanks!
  2. Allow me to start: Definitely, there will be a kare-kare on my list!
  3. Calling all basketball enthusiasts out there! (I know there are millions of you) We've all got our favorite local and international basketball heroes. But I want to hear from you right now is... What is your favorite position in basketball? I'm talking about the 1-2-3-4-5's guys! I noticed that most of the time, our basketball idols symbolize who we want to be or where we want to be IF we ourselves by stroke of talent or luck happen to be a PBA or an NBA player. :evil: Do you love the pass-first-shoot-later coolness of court generals (POINT GUARDS)? The shoot-first-ask-later mentality of the 2-guys (SHOOTING GUARDS)? The I-Can-Do-It-All aura of the wingmen (SMALL FORWARDS)? The get-outta-my-way barreling assault of the scavengers (POWER FORWARDS)? Or do you love the "not-in-my-house" attitude of the pivotmen (CENTERS)? Pray, tell us. Tall guys who play in the frontcourt tend to idolize the likes of Shaq, KG or Tim Duncan as much as players who just love to stuff the ball into the basket from afar or by penetration idolizes Kobe, T-Mac, or the legendary Michael (I don't have to type his surname, right?). So what position do you play? Or better yet, what's your fave position? I'll start: :headsetsmiley: My favorite position is the number 1 position in a coach's board. The point guard. One, because I always end up getting this position when I'm playing basketball. Two, because I have the "pass-first" mentality. Three, because I'm a team-player. And four, because I believe the point guard (basketball's equivalent to NFL's quarterbacks) is the most important player in a basketball team. That's why I grew up idolizing players who are giants in the assists department. From the days of Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Jason Kidd and now - Steve Nash!!! :thumbsupsmiley:
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