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  1. I feel sad today. Like i lost something. It makes me want to cry. But I won't. I will try my best to live my life like normal. 

  2. I recently got back from a 3-day staycation. I realize how lonely my house makes me feel. I was able to sleep during the staycation and now i cant sleep again. This home males me feel anxious, stressed, and lonely
  3. Men who ghost are cowards. Is it so hard to say "it is not working out, lets end things"?


  4. Another insomnia attack. I wish i could have just one night of uninterrupted sleep

  5. Dealing with tech or customer support is stressful. I just want to upgrade my internet plan and they want me to pay for features that come with the new plan as these are "add ons"

  6. I ordered dresses online and most of them have problems. One is too short. The other doesnt fit my chest. The other is the wrong size.
  7. In a mood for a cuddle

  8. Itching to go out, shop, eat and play pokemon go again. It has been several months since i last went out for leisure. 

  9. Someone told me to go out, live life and do it. Let go of trust issues and insecurities. Should I? Im a very cautious person. I should at least trust the person i'll go out with. 

    1. allymd78


      Life's happiness depends on the choices and decision we make..

    2. Viola


      I know. But it is difficult to trust just anyone

  10. I wonder how you are doing now. You said you'd always be around, but you are long gone. 

  11. Lazy sunday again

  12. Snapped at another man who thinks they know what's good for me. 

  13. Another sleepless night. 

    1. vocampo


      same here. think less and relax..

    2. Viola


      Actually, ive been sleeping but i keep waking up because of nightmares

  14. Today's stress levels are up. I need to relax. I can feel tension on my neck and up my temples. 

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