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    Kung sino man papatol sakin. Di ako choosy. bwuahahaha

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  1. So parang facebook na pala dito? ahihihihi

    1. MTC


      May wall ka na 🙂

  2. PreventerWind feeling ko fellow gunpla builder to.
  3. Tama na ang pick up lines! Unleash your inner Popoy and Basha "Magdaldal nga ako, pero tumatahimik din pag nasaktan" - nabasa ko sa toilet sa SM North
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pro and Anti Marcos! Post your Praises and Vitriol here for both the Worst and Best, most Hated and Loved Philippine President ever! To Start;
  5. Para sa mga makakalimutin na biglang natauhan... Para sa mga bagay na lost and found... Para sa mga naalalang nakaraan Naalala ko lang.... Due date na pala ng phone bill ko nung monday!
  6. On the other thread "Falling for Therapist" majority of the comments seems to malign the therapists, psps and MPAs. Na kesyo mangagamit lang sila, or wag magpakatanga ang GM. (majority not all) Let's hear the side of the girls. I'm sure some of them really did fall in love naman. So ladies, what happened when you fell in love with a client? Did you get hurt when they availed other girls? How did you manage your relationship?
  7. (topic requested by SyetNaSyet) Will the deer finally be feared?
  8. Write your own description so that when somebody who knows you reads it they should be able to say .. "Yup, that's him/her alright" This can be a subtle sale pitch of yourself too This is a NO COMMENT Thread. Off topic posts will be deleted and users issued a warning.
  9. Right... So nakikinig ako ng BNO kagabi and they asked their guest this questions Who will be your; Joke Time: Wholesome, Coffee Lang Friend Good Time: Wholesome, Dinner, We're really close Friend Short Time: Panandaliang Aliw Long Time: Seryosohang Relationship. Maybe we can do this a-la "F*ck, Marry, k*ll" no? Lemme start - please choose from the following. For Men; Bianca King, Solenn Hausaff, Anne Curtis, Isabel Daza For Women; Double-0-Seven, Tech_Buff, Blow_Gobi, Artedpro. Hahahahahahah
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