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Found 10 results

  1. About in the world's topicsπŸ‘₯🌍 about NASA.
  2. I love MTC because it has given me new friends and acquaintances. It gives me a sense of belongingness & community.
  3. there is a saying na ' always follow your heart daw ' and before naririnig ko lagi yun.. hmmmmm... may mga bagay na iniisip ko minsan if tama or mali, if dapat or hindi, if i should turn back or just move forward, if what's going on sa isip ng ibang tao, if anong purpose nila, if anong tumatakbo sa isip nila whenever they did something. whenever they say something. sometimes di ko maintindihan yung mga bagay bagay. whenever we make a decision, ano ba talaga ang dapat..? gamitin ang heart..? yung iba sa kagagamit ng puso ayun lagi sila nasasaktan, yung iba naman kagagamit sa 'mind' nasasabihan nating 'heartless'. and madalas hindi sila nagiging masaya.. sabi nila 'follow your heart' eh hanggang kelan dapat ifollow yung heart ..? hanggang magkadurog durog na..? i wish they are some who share the same thinking as me... let's have a discussion here.. mag analyze ng mga bagay bagay..
  4. Wala pang nakaisip nito, but this happens very often sa mga existing relationships, jealousy over a text message. Its a crisis when jealousy starts because of a simple text message, the question is: Is it right to let your bf/gf/husband/wife read text message from your phone? Or is it just paranoia? Comments and suggestions please.
  5. Okay...okay...i know it's sappy but then we all learned something about love and being in love...or letting go of one...what has it taught you? Me? I have learned to let go of the one person I love in all my life...he needs to grow...he needs to mature...and he needs to do that without me. Believe me it's not easy...it is the most painful thing I have done and currently going through...but the fact that I do it because I love him makes it feel worthwhile. Another lesson is that if you truly love someone...more than setting him free...forgive him and wish him well. You will forever be missed...take care...wherever you may be.
  6. ^Hindi tayo basta-basta sumusuko, sadyang napapagod lang din tayo sa taong tinuturing nating mundo.
  7. How do you speak LOVE? It's rare that couples share the same love language. It's frustrating not being able to understand each other, especially when you think you are doing a good job at expressing your love and yet the other person is not feeling loved. You just need to know how to speak each other's love language.
  8. On the other thread "Falling for Therapist" majority of the comments seems to malign the therapists, psps and MPAs. Na kesyo mangagamit lang sila, or wag magpakatanga ang GM. (majority not all) Let's hear the side of the girls. I'm sure some of them really did fall in love naman. So ladies, what happened when you fell in love with a client? Did you get hurt when they availed other girls? How did you manage your relationship?
  9. Just thinking if there are still couple who have a strong/lasting relationship or it is an imaginary thing nowadays?
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