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    Food. Sugar and spice and everything nice.. and hmmm abs... and abs.... and more abs... hahahha!!! ( pervert mode lol!!!)

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  1. See y'all on march 17 love!

  2. Do you believe in marriage? Express your views about the fundamental institution of marriage and whether or not you think it is an important aspect of society.
  3. there is a saying na ' always follow your heart daw ' and before naririnig ko lagi yun.. hmmmmm... may mga bagay na iniisip ko minsan if tama or mali, if dapat or hindi, if i should turn back or just move forward, if what's going on sa isip ng ibang tao, if anong purpose nila, if anong tumatakbo sa isip nila whenever they did something. whenever they say something. sometimes di ko maintindihan yung mga bagay bagay. whenever we make a decision, ano ba talaga ang dapat..? gamitin ang heart..? yung iba sa kagagamit ng puso ayun lagi sila nasasaktan, yung iba naman kagagamit sa 'mind' nasasabihan nating 'heartless'. and madalas hindi sila nagiging masaya.. sabi nila 'follow your heart' eh hanggang kelan dapat ifollow yung heart ..? hanggang magkadurog durog na..? i wish they are some who share the same thinking as me... let's have a discussion here.. mag analyze ng mga bagay bagay..
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