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Sweetest thing <3

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My ex-bf's gift...


It was back in the days when I would go to Recto to buy art supplies at Deovir, coz it's much cheaper than what National Book Store was selling. I was surprised that for that one entire week, he didn't allow me to go to Recto. I told him I need them urgently coz I need to gather my coloring supplies for our Sketching class. He even volunteered to buy them for me. But it never crossed my mind that he was onto something.


After that week, I was in our org's area reviewing for my 10am class. I saw him enter and he had with him a wrapped framed object around 2x3ft in size. I asked what it was for. He said it was for a project in one of their subjects. I didn't bother to ask some more coz I was reviewing. Then when afternoon came, and during one of my major subjects, I was suprised that he asked for my teacher. This time I really wondered what was going on. Then my teacher came back inside the classroom and announced that my boyfriend would like to hand me over his gift.


I asked, "Hah? Ano to?" Looking at my teacher and him.


He approached me beside my desk and he was carrying with him the "project" I saw earlier that morning.


"Birthday gift ko for you..." He said while smiling.


Of course I was in tears. I tore on the wrap and there the gift was revealed. It was my portrait that he made and he had it framed.


"Kaya ayaw kita pumunta sa Recto kasi baka madaanan mo yung shop na nagpa-frame ako. Baka kasi naka-display tapos makita mo. Surprise kasi dapat." He explained.


I sobbed on his chest and he greeted me again an advance happy birthday. And my classmates were cheering for a kiss, but it was a good thing my teacher halted them.


We broke up after 5 years and 3 months, but the portrait is still inside my closet. We haven't been talking coz he was still a little mad at me for breaking up with him, but I'm still keeping it.

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1 dozen of alcapone! Lol


A b.day celebration!!! Thanks to my best friends my boss my angels my kuya!!! Kayo na tlg special b.day celebration with friends!


Skype with xoxo while driving lol!

A gift(jordan shoes) from xoxo!


The sweetest thing above all is I am so blessed having peace of mind and loved xoxo!

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Naalala ko lang nung one time lumabas kami with friends tpos may band. Nag request pla sya ng song sinabi pa name ko nakaka touch lang. :) kung pagpapa kilig at effort lang winner ka sa part na yun LAQ! :)


Di ko makakalimutan lhat ng sweetest thing mula sa maliit hanggang sa pinaka sweet na ginawa mo. Thankyou.



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Naalala ko lang dati ung ganitong sitwasyon :) haba ng hair nag rejoice :D


Me: Pasensya na ksi kung wla kang balak satin di ako nkikipag lokohan sabihin mo lng. Wala akong panahon, busy ako. Hanap ka iba marami dyan.


Him: Anong wala maniwala ka naman sakin, may balak ako after 2 years gusto kitang pakasalan, kung gusto mo pa sakin.



》 the fact na nakita moko sa ganitong scene masaya nako :) wife material ang peg ko nyan salamat ksi pinaramdam mo sakin na special ako at hindi mo na inisip kung san tayo at pano nagkakilala. :)



Di na ata mababasa to. Tagal na :)

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She gently touched my chest with her frail hand, and yet it was as though she was gripping my heart. She then hugged me, and I felt her embrace consuming my very soul. And then she gave me a soft kiss, so tender and true. With her lips on mine, she sucked into her the very essence of my being.


We made love through the night as though Venus unleashed the fiery gates of hell and bathed us with the wild flames of Eros. We succumbed to the carnal biddings of love and sex, primal to the very core.


As we lay there with our bodies totally spent, basking in the glow of passion , she gently whispered, "Remember this moment when you think me. I am yours, as you are mine."

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