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Sweetest thing <3

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Yung kahit nasa labas na kayo para pa rin syang nakapulupot sa akin...


Nakaakbay... Or laging hawak kamay ko... Or pag nakapila kami and crowded nakapulupot yung arms nya sa akin...


Makes me feel that he wants me to always be close or near him. Snuggly feeling...

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Syet, I remember when I did this for a girlfriend way back in college. Corny pero... ganito kasi...


I was at that time in 3rd year college and the president of the Industrial Psychology Students Association in our university. Naturally, a lot of freshmen look up to me even if I'm not much to look at. Haha. My GF then, Ayie, was in 2nd year and was also an IP student. During Valentine's Day that school year, I asked 11 freshmen to help me carry out one of the corniest VDay gimmick I ever concocted. I bought a dozen red roses, gave 1 flower each to the freshies and 1 line from a 12 line poem I composed for Ayie. Then I instructed them to go to Ayie one by one (I gave them their proper order like who would go first, and then who's next) to give her the flower and read one line from the poem. This went on for 1 whole day. By the end of my last period (and Ayie's with a different class), Ayie already had 11 roses and had listened to 11 lines from the poem I wrote.


When we were already together, Ayie was trying to hide the roses from me. She was embarrassed because she's not sure who the roses were from and if it wasn't from me - she thought I might get jealous. I assured her it's OK for me if she will take the flowers home. I took her home and when we were already sitting on their porch, I gave her the 12th flower and recited the entire poem but this time including the 12th and last line to complete it.


She was in tears when she hugged me. She told me that she knew in her heart that the flowers came from me but she wasn't sure because I was so darn good in pretending that I have no knowledge of it. It was definitely worth all the effort during those times. :)

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kausap nya mom ko kanina... sa fb messenger... saying "don't worry about Sam and I.. we're perfect..hihi"


while im at the MDS meet and greet event.. he suddenly called

"I'm at mercury drug, I'm re-stocking your meds"


last month .. im at home and about to sleep

when the dogs barked and nanay got irritated so she went down

i was waiting for her to come up to ask what happened

the door opened IT WAS HIM


After the airsoft game, on our way home

chill drive...he saw me not moving...

he knows that when i'm quiet, my headache is really bad...

he pumped up to 140 on slex and 180 in mcx to reach alabang faster so i can drink meds


when the effort speaks louder than words... (hearts hearts hearts)

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I remember she'd always sneak an 'I love you' or 'Okay ka lang?', or 'Sorry' note, or a caricature of how I looked at the moment, whenever I felt off, sad or angry (respectively) into my pants or polo pocket since she couldn't speak the words. I'd totally forget how I felt, and if I still did, I'd feel insanely stupid I felt that way.

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back in the day, for my TOTGA - To surprise her, I opted to rent an apartment near her school like just like a block away :) on one of our monthsaries i tried to pull off something that I hope she'd remember for life.


I prepared white balloons, small cake, candles, white sheets, 2 dozens of red roses and red petals. She knew I was moving but she didn't it expect it would be sooner.


Prepared my room, covering all the windows, cabinets with the white sheets and sprinkled the petals all over the room. Had my study table as a make shift dining table for 2, candle lit everywhere and balloons that provided the path to my room. Go picture. <3


I connived with at least 21 guys (mostly our common friends) neighbors, schoolmates and a takatak boy. These guys lined up from my then love of my life's school all the way to our apartment each of them holding a rose, looks like a connect the dots from point a to point b. The last guy then escorted her to the gate of the apt where I was staying.


She just followed the path I prepared and when she entered my room I was so dressed up that it looked like a proposal. We kissed, hugged and promised too be strong together, forever.


However, when my parents learned about the relationship and the frequency of her staying in my apt, they immediately have me stop school, took my cellphone, cut contacts to all my friends in manila and put me on house arrest in our province. No goodbyes, Never got the chance to say sorry. Never had the chance to let her know that I'll find a way to be back. I was young then and just did let it pass.

Naalala ko lng to, i saw her yesterday sa shang with her wonderful daughter. She saw me too, stared for a while then umalis nlng ako.

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