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New Jersey Nets

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Admins paki delete na lang ung topic kung meron na. Been trying to look at the previous topics muknhang ala pang nag-start. Eniweys mukhang nakakagulat wala pa nag-start(or re-start ) ng topic about the Nets or Captain Kidd and Carter. Looks like these guys are for real right after spanking the Heat at their homecourt and could be peaking at the right time. Looks like the Heat currently has no answer for Carter and Jefferson at the wings (Although RJ is injured). We'll see in the upcoming games if they are for real or ust a one game fluke. Carter might just turn me into a believer!

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not really a Nets fan but i like this team esp. Kidd and Carter. i think what they lack is "support" from their bigmen, like Kristic for example.. he missed a lot of open shots during Game3 (?).. should he made atleast half of those.. baka nanalo pa Nets nun. sayang lang they're down 3-1, i dont think they can win 3 games straight against Miami to win the series, but then i might be wrong. hehe.. Carter over Mourning!!! oohhh yyyeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!! :thumbsupsmiley:

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nj fans our team lost by a measly point! :grr: too bad, i guess the nets should really get a big man to make them complete. plus cliff was suspended so there's no other firepower option left for them esp. when one of the big three chokes out.. :thumbsdownsmiley: another two yrs in the making c krstic so if the nets would really want to get back into the finals better spend on adding a big man during the off season.

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Bad trip si Cliff Robinson. Chose a bad time to be suspended. :thumbsdownsmiley:


Though it's all water under the bridge, yamot din ako kay Coach Lawrence Frank for not fully utilizing and developing his bench during the first half of the regular season. Palagi na lang 8-man rotation ang ginagamit niya. He hardly goes 10 or 11-man deep in his games. :thumbsdownsmiley:

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This is just my personal opinion:


Right from the start, I never really liked Vince Carter joining the Nets. I did not see him as the player who can lead the Nets to a Championship. He can sell the tickets, though. I recall that the Nets let go of Kenyon Martin, and Jason Kidd did not like that. And to please him, the Nets signed Carter.


Perhaps I'm just biased because the moment VC said that he did not always give his 100% when he was at Toronto, I had lost respect for him.


And, my dream for the Nets...trade VC for KG. Just dreaming...! Hehe!

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